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03-14-2010, 07:30 PM
Who uses alot of water (IE: Props, waterfalls, sprayer's etccc) in their shows or certain scene's how do they generally look, turn out, anything special you should consider when utilizing water in a scene???


03-14-2010, 08:38 PM
I've been around A LOT of water scenes... It all depends on what you're talking about...

Sprayers and such are fun but just remember to warn your patrons that the haunt is interactive and they might get wet (some people will do ANYTHING for a refund... we had a rain scene one year and you wouldn't believe how many people complained)... You also have to keep you actors that work in the water warm.

If you're talking about lakes, waterfalls, etc remember that water WILL go sour so make sure you have a way to keep it circulating (pumps, etc...) and always add a little bleach everyday (unless its water that will be splashed onto clothing or patrons) to kill the nastiness... but the smell and humidity that old water can add to a haunt is priceless.

It also has it pitfalls... my fiance can tell you about working a haunt one year that had a full size river that they put people across on boats... one night the retaining wall gave way and flooded the whole building...

Overall I give water a big thumbs up.

03-15-2010, 10:26 AM
I used water on my trail, I had a old looking well that had a red light in it and a fogger, as people would go by they would hear "DRINK, DRINK FROM THE WELL OF THE DAMNED" then water would blast out and ark over them. I also had a skunk that had a pump sprayer in its tail and it would spray people. Being out doors in the woods some people believed that they HAD been sprayed by a skunk. I also had a out house that sprayed water and in the barn I had a corpse chained to the rafters and used drip lines so that they had to walk under a driping corpse. In the barber shop when the barber would cut the throat of his victim water would spray all the on lookers, being outside made it way easy to use water. It would have been hard to do any of this inside, there would have been water everywhere.