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03-17-2010, 02:51 PM
Scroll Down For Sale Information:
Decayed Costume: With Alternate Mask. You will receive the closed mouth skull mask with purchase, not the open mouth (Pants Not Included).
If Interested Just Send Me A Message On The Forum Or Call Sales at (336)989-4844

This is the Bare Bones Corpse (Pants and Shirt Not Included) with the Correct Mask you will Receive with Either Decayed or Bare Bones Corpse

Costume Names From Left to Right: Foot Soldier & Anubis - Foot Soldier - Decayed Corpse Skin with Correct, closed Mouth Mask

And For Those That Don't Know, Our 'Egyptian Foot Soldier' Costume Was Inspired By The Foot Soldiers From 'The Mummy' Film. The Anubis, From Part 2..

•Decayed Corpse
•Egyptian Foot Soldier

Bare Bones Corpse Skin Discounted $100=$1195 Theme it yourself (Pirate, Cowboy, Jail Bird, Doctor or Straight from The Grave!)
Decayed Corpse Skin Discounted $300=$1395
Anubis and Egyptian Foot Soldier Discounted $300=$1395

•Order NOW• to ensure early seasonal delivery and avoid 'last minute ordering' price increase.

Thanks to those that participated in this, our last sale of the year.

Best of luck to all at the Hauntshow, hope you all have a great time![/B]

03-17-2010, 03:39 PM

Below is a Bare Bones costume easily dressed as a decayed corpse

And these are the new gloves....