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03-17-2010, 09:48 PM
Did everyone hear about this?
What the hell is going on with the HHA?
Transparency is needed...

"Haunted Attraction Magazine announces that we will no longer provide magazines as a subscription benefit to the Haunted House Association. If you received Haunted Attraction Magazine as a member benefit in the past you will not receive any more issues. Of course if you are a subscriber to Haunted Attraction Magazine, you will continue to receive magazines per your subscription.

We notified the Haunted House Association of our decision on Monday, March 15th, 2010 via email, a copy of which is provided below for the benefit of its members.

HHA Board,

After thoughtful consideration, I have decided that Haunted Attraction Magazine will no longer associate itself with the Haunted House Association. As such, I am not interested in an arrangement whereby I provide magazines to your members through the HHA and will not be providing any future issues. Of course, should any HHA member wish to subscribe, they may do so via our website http://www.hauntedattraction.com.

I have not come to this decision lightly. When I took over the magazine last year, I reached out to HHA in the hopes of building a mutually beneficial relationship and to support a burgeoning organization in the haunt industry. I made every attempt to treat HHA with respect and to provide an equal playing field for the different associations in the industry. I even provided HHA a two-page spread in my inaugural issue so that you could reach my readers. However, as the year progressed, I began noticing a trend in the HHA that I found disturbing. It appeared to me that HHA was taking action to benefit certain members over its other members.

The imbalance of content on the website favoring one vendor (which is well documented) was the first sign. I expressed my disapproval to Ben Armstrong, the HHA President but nothing was ever done. Then, the link to my website did not work and was never corrected. The imbalance clearly favored one vendor, which just happened to be owned by one of your board members. When I addressed this with the HHA President, I was told that HHA acknowledged the imbalance and simply told me that HHA “owed the board member.” The trend continued with a press release published by HHA extolling the reasons to go trick-or-treating this past season. The press release referred readers to specific haunted houses providing certain haunted houses additional exposure over and above the other members. Shockingly, one of these preferred haunts was not even a member of HHA.

There has been a clear pattern of behavior that I do not endorse nor do I wish to be associated with. HHA has demonstrated its lack professionalism and has shown great disrespect to Haunted Attraction Magazine and to the haunt industry throughout the past year. In my opinion, the lofty goals and promises that were established at its creation have been largely ignored and replaced with petty motivations. As a result of the manner in which HHA has conducted itself this past year, Haunted Attraction Magazine is withdrawing all support and breaking any ties with HHA. I am sorry that it has come this, but your actions over the past year leave me no choice.

John Kennedy"

03-18-2010, 07:22 PM
So what is everyone else thinking about this letter and disassociation with HHA members? I am very interested in hearing what happens at the meeting and the goals HHA has to benefit all haunts, large or small. This is a disappointment but not surprising.

03-18-2010, 08:00 PM
Here is the problem with HHA. They are no longer an association representing all haunts big and small. It has become another website used to promote certain haunts, just click on the featured haunts tab on the site and you will see what I'm talking about. A true haunted house association would give all their members equal treatment. It should have pages full of haunt listings/banners, all of equal size,in alphabetical order listed by state. There should not be an official rating system done by the organization. The only businesses allowed to advertise on the site would be vendors. They should fight to protect haunts from bad vendors. They should do product reviews, and ask for and allow input from all members. Create a blog page that members can access to announce upcoming events pertaining to their haunts. The point I'm trying to emphasize is, the organization must represent all their members equally. This is what I thought HHA was going to be.

voodoo willy
03-18-2010, 08:57 PM
...can't we all just get along. Politics suck.

The HHA is a new and growing organization..give it time. Of course there is going to be bayous opinions. From my understanding all board members own a haunt. It's hard to wear 2 hats..non bayous board member...haunt owner. I think the idea of the HHA is great and from the eyes of a future haunt owner I think it is going to do great things. It just needs a lilttle work and time to work the kinks out.

Stop the hating on both sides. Just give it time. Offer suggestions and hell if you qualify run for a position. Make changes that way. Pointing fingers and screaming that johny got a bigger piece of cake than me is not going to help the industry at all. You draw a line in the sand and force people to choose a side when really there should be only one side...the side to help the industry. Last I checked we are all adults and professionals in some field...lets act like it.

Just rambling on from a NOOB

03-18-2010, 10:36 PM
We are working hard to address all issues including the creation of a new website. Check it out:


All member's haunts will be listed. There will be no rating system. On this website you will find an association forum and we are currently working out the bugs/settings. Not only will the forum serve as a great place to get information on upcoming events, it will be a invaluable resource and tool for all haunters. You got a question, we've got answers. The entire HHA board is made up of some of the top haunted attraction owners in the country. They will be participating in the forum and will be there to help you.

We welcome and encourage all members to voice their CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms, opinions and input. WE ARE LISTENING. We want to know what it is that you want to see YOUR association do next.

We also encourage you to get involved. If you are interested in being a part of the association and helping this industry grow, let us know. If you are interested in lending a hand, being on a committee, or being a future board member, let us know. If you have a great idea for the association and the industry, we are listening.

Dwayne Sanburn
HHA Treasurer
13th Gate

03-19-2010, 02:50 AM
What is going on? LOL

Wait until about 7 days prior to the show and try to do some major damage to the image of HHA. Why not 30 days ago, why not 90 days ago, why a few days before the Halloween show? Good question huh?

Look here are some facts... HHA was formed due to that not really being an association for people who own haunted houses. HHA was formed last year NOT even ONE year ago and inside that first year HHA has done a TON of great things.

1) Bylaws where established which took a long time. The Bylaws only allow for the board members to be haunt owners with five years of experience. This was a lot of work, and the bylaws where created by a team of haunt owners both small and large haunts. All points of view where put into the thinking process. The end results are great. This was enough work all by itself.

2) PR Program: Last year HHA did not have enough money to launch its own PR program so haunt owners paid for one and directed the positive press to the memberships haunt finder which was created and sent members several thousand direct hits to members haunts.

3) Haunt Finder was created in a VERY short window and it worked! It sent thousands of hits to members haunts.

4) EDUCATION: Last year HHA bought full page ads in Fangoria magazine...why? To promote SAFETY to people who would build haunts in their homes, in their garage or somewhere just for fun. Now we are going to TW and producing speed seminars, and education in general. Ben with some help from myself help TW organize the best seminar series TW has ever seen this year.

5) Magazines: If you joined you got free magazines from Hauntworld and Haunted Attraction Magazine. Now you will get FREE Hauntworld Magazine, Fangoria magazine, Fright Times, and Tourist Parks and Attractions.

Addition to this HHA produced education articles for TAP magazine.

6) Vendor Discount program: The HHA program is by far the biggest vendor discount program ever created and this was done in just the first year! It pays for itself just to join.

7) We put a great face forward for this industry, professional owners and operators handled press on behalf of our industry.

The bottom line is this... was everything perfect no. Look over at the IAHA they copied or followed in HHA footsteps the whole way... they changed their bylaws to nearly match ours, they tried to start a pr program, they booted off all board members that didn't own a haunt, they changed their due structure to nearly match that of HHA and they tried to finally after 15 years put up some sort of haunt finder.

To me this is a sign of survival not leadership... but either way HHA made IAHA change nearly everythign they do so if you support IAHA then HHA created that benefit for the haunt industry as well. Why? Because for years and years IAHA would never change, never could develope a haunt finder, change its bylaws, nothing now they are trying to do all of it FINALLY and why? BECAUSE OF HHA SHOWED THE WAY...

Say what you want but these are facts...

Here is the bottom line I've found this industry just refused to get along whether its HHA vs. IAHA, or HauntedHouse.com vs. Hauntworld.com or America Haunts vs. Americas Best Haunts or one haunt in their local market hates another, or someone who creats FAKE NAMES HIDES BEHIND names like 'ORACLE' and bashes people, lies, makes up stories, slanders, and does NOTHING but TRY to cause as much problems as possible.

Look here is the bottom line as much as I would LOVE to see everyone come together, work together, and see how working together we could accomplish a lot, this industry just refuses. We have sides, people pick sides and they stick to them like glue no matter what.

Its sad.

People are jealous, they hate to see something do something good if they are simply against it, or afraid of it or whatever. Haunted Attraction Magazine complains about the HHA website and well a new one was created so instead of working with the new board and the new website they choose to be a part of the problem not the solutions.

I think they have made a mistake! All problem can be worked out if you want them to be... but some people choose NOT to work out because they might see a different way of thinking.

There is nothing you can do!


All I know is this... I personally can't do anything right no matter how hard I try to do the right thing someone will find fault in it. People complained about the HHA webstie so what did I do...I gave HHA $3400.00 of my own money to develope a new website without me involved. That still isn't good enough... nothing ever is.

But the bottom bottom line is this... listen to those who fear to those who are afraid of progress to listen to their outright lies, and you and I and this whole industry already lost any hope or chance to find a group we can all find a collective voice with. All hope is lost of ever creating something we can all call an association for people who own and operate haunted house.


03-19-2010, 06:40 AM
Haunter X

To address your concerns - In year one, the HHA was part of a larger PR Campaign that had been going on for several years. Those haunts paid for this program primarily but the prime focus was haunting in general and the HHA in particular and thus all members benifited from it. Frankley being an HHA member was far more cost effective and productive than being one of those haunts who paid thousands of dollars to support this program.

But your point is well taken. Going forward now that HHA is established, it will fund its own campaign with no particular haunts paying any more or getting any more recognition than any others.


03-19-2010, 11:29 AM
FYI... Halloween Productions, Inc. will donate the url www.HauntedAttractionAssociation.com (http://www.HauntedAttractionAssociation.com) URL to the HHA.

I think this is the best URL for the assocaition and I put my trust in Randy Bates the new president to make good use of it!


03-19-2010, 12:21 PM
I know, from what is going on, we will NOT be renewing our membership to the HHA and will not be joining any other association. Both are riddled with politics, back-door dealings... etc. etc.

We will not consider joining either association until we feel that all the problems have been fixed and that there is 100% and total transparency... term limits and laws... and a MUCH better/needed ethics code/bylaws for all board members.

Hopefully... things will change for the better so that ALL haunts can progress from an association. Hopefully... I agree with Larry, it's sad.


03-19-2010, 01:03 PM
I hope you think about this before you jump ship so quick. You will come off as a much better person if you hang tight with us and help us all see through this and not bail and leave your brothers and sisters in this Industry to sink! We had a vision and we STILL DO we are so young just like yourself and we ALL still have a lot to learn just as yourself. Again when the waters rise help us out and rise above this with us not leave us alone! Shane and its just think about it! Shane this time

03-19-2010, 01:25 PM

Actually I agree with YOU to some degree. You are right and wrong actually... yes the industry is riddled with politics but its not created by HHA its created by other outside sources.

By not joining you are giving into to those who want this to fail... SUPPORT HHA the group that started for haunt owners only by haunt owners and has done really more in 10 months than any other association for this industry in the past 10 years.

Look you can't make any type of eggs without first breaking the egg. I think some people are just in SHOCK that we got this far, that we finally did it, they never thought it would have bylaws, haunt finders, pr programs, vendor discount programs, education, magazines galore for its members and more.

I think at first they thought hmmm... this won't last. Now they see that not only did it last its picking up steam. Lets now stop them in their tracks just a few days before the show and actually if you ask me try to ruin HHA and the show experience as well.

I've told the people in IAHA and those who support it IE John Kenndy and other its NOT what HHA does or doesn't do or what HHA fails at that will make IAHA succeed, its what IAHA does or doesn't do for its members that will make it a success. Dropping this low to try and undermine the group because well your group is falling behind, is just wrong.

Haunted Attraction Magazine should have tried to work out their problems with the new board and with the new website but they didn't they instead choose to hurt HHA as much as possible just days before the show. That is wrong! That doesn't help does it?

So in short what I'm saying to you is this... JOIN HHA and show your support for pulling through all this mess. HHA can be the future and you can help HHA its asking for your help.

Where do you ever see IAHA posting anywhere telling you what they are doing, asking for your help?


HHA is here answering the bell the time for lazy do nothing attitude to be a thing of the past and embrace a group that shows you they care.

This industry one day might work together but by you not joining you don't help the dream or the cause.


03-19-2010, 01:34 PM
all i can say is where do i sign up and IT IS AMAZING how much these folks in the HHA have truly bent over backwards for our cause and if Larry and Shane and Ben and Kel can hang in there in troubling times so can we all as haunters we should be open more to soulutions and remedies , and apposed to quitting and throwing in the towel i for one am a newby going in my 6 th year as a haunter and am always open to new ideas and suggestions and its Hell yeah i got my DARKNESS tickets love you all see you AT THE SHOW

03-19-2010, 03:22 PM
Tyler you should reconsider.

Both associations have good people working hard for you. If you own an attraction you should join both. In the grand scheme of things it costs nothing.

I don't know about IAHA bylaws they have changed since I was in, but HHA has strict term limits.

More important than joining is showing support by helping these groups help the industry.


03-19-2010, 08:41 PM
I'm not going to deny that the people on the HHA board aren't busting their asses... they are doing more as a group than most others EVER could! Now... I'm about to be very blunt, so here are my concerns with the HHA:

1. Transparency. I think the board needs to be 100% transparent in it's decisions and ALL board meetings should be, in some way, open to ALL association members. Yes, this would be an EXTREMELY tough thing to do since members are spread all over the country. But how can we enforce ethics if no one really "knows" what's being done? Maybe every board approval/project should be first presented via email to every member... discuss any ideas on how to make it better... and then all voting and revisions up until final product be public. Maybe this could be done via monthly chat?

2. Ethics. This is something I feel the HHA severely lacks amongst some of it's board members. The entire association SEEMS to be nothing more than an advertising backdrop for HW.com, AmericaHaunts.com... I know from viewing the site several times... that HAM was hardly utilized, mentioned and about 99% any web linkage did not work. So what gives? Someone is to blame here... the HHA? Rogues Hollow? Either way... I think John and HAM was very generous in providing a mag subscription to the HHA members, and yet was treated... "unfairly"...

Also, where are the links to HH.com? AmericasBestHaunts.com? I know Steve Kopelman has shown great support towards the HHA... and I also think he's been treated unfairly and under utilized!! Yeah I get it... these are direct competition with Larry's HW brand... but it's a public association where these "business relations" should NOT come into play... it's called ETHICS!!

Where are all the links to the regional haunt sites like HauntedIllonois and City-Blood? I know the HHA has it's own haunt finder... but they should really consider utilizing the regional sites as they can provide haunts that may not have been "discovered" by the HHA... and vice-versa. I feel the HHA should support ALL haunts... member or not.

3. Board Members. This could get dicey so I'll keep it simple... I think the HHA has the greatest collection of haunt owners working together for a common goal... something that this industry has NEVER seen! But why do members like Scott Simmons (former HHA V.P) get "driven out". I understand it was his decision, and he's talked a little about this on the other forum... but good people like Scott just don't... "up and leave". Something happened!

Now, I love you both... and you've both busted asses to get the HHA where it is and all I can do is say THANK YOU! But I'm personally glad to see both Larry Kirchner and Ben Armstrong leave the HHA board; I do feel it's for the better. Now, I wasn't there to witness anything... and I don't know peoples sides or stories... but honestly I do feel that Larry was able to persuade the board into decisions... claim ownership of things... etc. It's an association... each board member takes "ownership" into it and each member MUST have their opinion heard! I don't like that fact that a few board members can "sway" the bunch... As Larry put it, it's sad.

I know I'm going to get BLASTED for saying alot of this... but it's just how I see things as an outsider/HHA member... and I KNOW I'm not the only one thinking this and feeling like this. I'm glad to see some amazing new board members take the helm and hopefully the HHA can do things that no haunter has ever imagined!!

I'm thankful that Shane has opted to "monitor" the HHA... hopefully somethings will get straightened out. Shane, I do feel the HHA is in YOUR hands!! Hopefully... we can see change and we'll "reconsider" to renew... we'll see at the show!


PS: This will also be posted on the HAM forum so that members there that may not be a HW.com member can view this and discuss.

Haunts of Richmond
03-19-2010, 08:51 PM
1. Transparency. I think the board needs to be 100% transparent in it's decisions and ALL board meetings should be, in some way, open to ALL association members. ...

Great ideas, Tyler.

Quick question for HHA... are the board's minutes recorded during every meeting? Why not just publish those for all members? This would definitely be a step in the right direction toward complete transparency.

- Ryan

03-19-2010, 09:35 PM
Let me try to cover some of this...

- Having every member vote on every thing is impractical - ? don't really know how that could be done. If you want to be more involved you could certainly ask to be in some committees to get closer to the operation. Or just communicate with the board as a member and share your thoughts.

- The board minutes and Treasurers info is total transparent, just speak to the Secretary or Treasurer and they could share them with you I would guess. I did attempt through Constant Contact to email the members frequently as to what was going on, I am sure too often for some.

- Yes links on the OLD site were a mess - Yes Haunted House.com and HAM should have had better coverage, I totally agree. Frankley this was a problem. I feel certain with the new site this issue will be gone.

I was able with the blog to get all of these guys press releases out, at least it was something.

I served my year I signed up for and now I am off the board. I am very proud of the work we all did and all the things that were accomplished from scratch - Bylaws featuring strong Haunt ownership rules and term limits for the board, Driving traffic with the Hauntfinder, a Crisis plan, our Saftey outreach, a Directory, Participation in a PR program, all of the member benefits, and possibly helping our brother orgainzation IAHA get over the hump and change its bylaws and to have for the first time a Haunt owner BOD.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, perhaps a good path would be for you to get involved.

I am sorry if you thought my being a part of this board was a problem, I certainly could have spent a better year on other things. I can assure you that I did what I could to make this an association worth joining for our members. I do regret that some of our marketing partners didn't get what they deserved, but this is being addressed hopefully to their satisfaction.


03-19-2010, 10:04 PM
Also, I've spoken my peace... that's how I feel. I hope to (insert deity of preference) that the HHA pulls together and becomes stronger than anything we have ever seen. I think the PR program will work and should work for ALL haunts... but agree with me or not it's how I feel.

I'm done with this... more important things to worry about. See you all at the show, it's going to be awesome! -Tyler

03-19-2010, 10:35 PM
Not addressing you Tyler but other stuff...

I don't think John Kennedy or Haunted Attraction Magazine was trying to hurt HHA, I think they were trying to let the Board know that they were unhappy with last years program, with reason.

Lets just take this all down a notch and just be cool.

Re : HHA and IAHA - Once again I say they are both worth looking into... You can't go wrong - do both or check out the info and work with what fits. Hey I worked very hard for HHA and yes I would like folks to join, but other people worked just as hard for IAHA - so there you go.

As to Haunted Attraction Magazine, and Hauntworld Magazine everyone should be getting both!

Listen everyone - I have a lot to do before the show as do we all I really need to get to work and get off these boards.

I cannot speak for the board of HHA but I can pretty much assure you that they have no problems with Haunted Attraction magazine or IAHA and wish them only the best!

Therefore let me implore you all to let these Mags and people and associations alone, lets take a deep breath, lets consider the 99% we share in common not the 1% we are different and lets go to this convention and have a great time.


03-19-2010, 11:17 PM
Tyler you are listening the wrong people and you are not digging deep enough... you can't listen to one side only. Couple things...

Tyler you've been on this site and learned more from this site than any other... you have made several hundred posts. We don't delete people for their opinions for the most part, unless someone goes over the top nasty.

HHA is open its very open ... I've already asked you POINT BLANK... you say it should be open... how many posts have you seen about HHA? How many board members have posted about all the things they are doing... what how many? I can tell you hundreds over the past year.

Now I ask you point blank FIND ONE from IAHA. They don't communicate at all they dont' tell you SQUAT probably because they aren't doing anything but trying to figure out ways to rid themselves of HHA.

So be fair to both sides.

Secondly to your suggestion about links... the sites you mention ARE linked from the HHA website and have been this whole entire time. So lets keep facts straight here... the bottom line Tyler is the website needed a lot of work it needed to be rebuilt from scratch.

I didn't have the time, I had my own problems. The site was created by Rogues Hollow based on a template of the old HHA website which was strickly a Hauntworld thing. Many of the banners or links where never removed pages couldn't be updated because the static pages where PHP and we had NO ONE to update them. The haunt finder was COLD FUSION... the only thing I did was the HAUNT FINDER which I might add WORKS and WORKED ALL HAUNT SEASON.

I felt that was most important. I was trynig to keep my own sites up and running all October I have to admit didn't really have the time now was that concerned about trying to rebuild the HHA site into total cold fusion with a content management system to update the site.

LIke you Tyler I had a haunted hosue to run but in addition to that I had a haunt directory ... I was busy.

Bottom line is I told the board I did not want to be involved in the website ANYMORE EVER AGAIN... I PAID the board to develope their own website free and clear of any involvment from myself.

That is what happened ... so everything you are bitching about is MUTE because HHA has a NEW website without links to every tom dick and harry.

So look dude this is about MOVING forward not looking back...

So either get on board or you get left at the train station. Nothing is perfect was your haunt perfect this year did you have any problems did you ever make a mistake or make everything perfect from day one.

We've done more in one year than the other one did in 15. Now we are going to get this thing totally on track... so Tyler serious your complaints or your concerns are valued but dwelling on them is worthless because today is a new day. You are either on board or you are not.


PS: Tyler it was MYSELF that told the new board back a year ago we should sell Haunted Attraction Magazine you would think I'd be against that but I was the one who said we should contact them. Bottom line Tyler I can't make anyone happy and I'm done trying. Period! Now that I'm off the thing totally people like you or anyone else don't have anything to bitch about you as a haunt owner either make it work or you continue to be another guy who just loves to complain but never picks up the hammer and fixes the problem.

PSS: Tyler you saying it was my association that is just the dumbest thing I've ever heard you say. Where you invovled? Where you on the board? No so don't say things that you have no clue about... the fact is if you CALLED ERIC from Haunted Overload do you like that guy? Do you trust him? Give him a call before you start saying things you have no clue about. Ask him. He will tell you NO LARRY WAS HARDLY IF AT ALL INVOLVED IN HHA. LARRY NEVER MADE MEETINGS, LARRY NEVER TALKED TO THE BOARD, LARRY DID NOT POST ON THE FORUMS, LARRY DID NOT HEAD UP ANY PROGRAMS, LARRY NEVER HAD PROBLEMS WITH ANYONE ON THE BOARD, IN FACT IT WAS EVERYONE ELSE WHO DID EVERYTHING AND LARRY DID BASICALLY NOTHING.

Before you say another word call Eric from Haunted Overload and ASK HIM! Then come back and post your reply. Just make sure you talk to someone on the inside first someone who has no agenda whos just a nice guy to everyone.


03-19-2010, 11:21 PM

I agree with Ben,

The best way to truly know what is going on is to get involved in the process. If I was an outsider looking in I might have some of the same opinions as you. But after participating in many meetings by phone sometimes over 3 hours long you get to understand what really went on. The funniest thing was Larry hardly made any meetings so that is a huge misconception that the board was swayed by him on many issues. The reason he stepped down was so that no one would be able to say that it was Larry's association any more.

The best thing to come out of the recent events has been the speed at which the HHA has moved to correct problems and try to mend fences like inviting Steve in to the conference call to try to resolve issues. We made progress on that call and are moving forward. It would be foolish to think that a first year organization would be problem free, lol! If you look at the big picture and all we were able to accomplish in a year none of the recent events will matter. The goal of this first year in my opinion was to set the groundwork for future boards to take it to the next level. The only way the HHA can get stronger is by having more haunts join. Look at what the milk industry was able to achieve with their "Got Milk" ads. By banding together all of us benefit.

Even though I am no longer on the board, as an HHA member I will still lend a hand to the current board with any thing I can be of help with, mainly graphic related stuff like designing ads if they ask. I encourage you to do the same, I know they are forming more committees this year and could use the help of the membership to accomplish the goals set forth. The HHA Brainstorming meeting at TW will be great because that is when you can tell the board your ideas on what members would like to see done going forward. There is no way in hell to please everyone, you must know that from running a haunt. I am always flabbergasted when I get tons of great feedback from my haunt and then have one person email and say it sucked. I'm like, were they even at the same show as every one else? People have opinions, that's what makes the world go round. As long as everyone does their best and put's in %100, that's all you can ask for and try to improve each year. I can tell you every member of the founding board put in %110 to see this thing even launch.

With Shane on board, Randy as president and the new board members in place the future looks 10 times better than last year. You don't want to be kicking yourself when an great new program is launched and you can't participate because are not a member. You say you are bringing 12 people to TW to help your business. To me the cost of an HHA membership will help your business and is a drop in the bucket.

I myself will be renewing at the HHA booth and I might not even have a pro haunt next year. I lost my location in the blink of an eye and am searching for a new one. I have a meeting tomorrow with a possible new host. If I am able to pull off securing a new location and moving the haunt in time for this season, I need all the help I can get. The HHA is just one of the things that could help my own haunt flourish.


p.s Larry and I must have been posting at the same time. The last one I saw was Ben's post. Then I posted and Larry had beat me to it saying much the same thing. I saw the part about calling me, that's funny. I would tell you Larry did not do much because his son's baseball games were always the same time as the HHA meetings.

03-19-2010, 11:44 PM
I would like to add to what Ben had said. As a person you took lots of notes, spent a lot of time listening to the meeting recordings over and over again and providing the minutes to each meeting I cannot recall a single meeting that Ben did not comment on how important it was to have a good working relationship with IAHA, Haunted Attraction, HH.com and others in the industry. He wanted and to bridge the gap between the organizations and the differences of those involved and worked hard to get it done. He tried to get it done but only has so much time, who knows, maybe if the rest of us on the Board caught his vision things would have been different. It saddens me to hear some of the comments about his intentions and from what I have seen, I believe his heart was/is in the right place.
Thank you Ben for giving over of year of your life for this cause, your work should never be questioned and you should be proud of your accomplishments as President.

Wayne Barneschi (retired HHA Board Member)

Haunts of Richmond
03-20-2010, 01:03 AM
- The board minutes and Treasurers info is total transparent, just speak to the Secretary or Treasurer and they could share them with you I would guess. I did attempt through Constant Contact to email the members frequently as to what was going on, I am sure too often for some.

Thanks, Ben.

This would definitely be my recommendation to the new haunt board - send complete minutes to all HHA members after every meeting.

While I'm practically a baby in the industry and the haunt I work for is apart of IAHA, I still am trying to follow the progress of HHA very closely and I appreciate the hard work that has been put forth thus far. I went to the first open HHA meeting last year at Transworld and have thought about joining as an Associate Member at some point in the near future (possibly after all the trade shows are done this year). The simple fact is, there are a ton of egos at play, and hopefully the dust will settle and everyone will be able to move on.

Just remember actions speak louder than words... or as Batman once said, "it's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me."

- Ryan

03-20-2010, 05:56 AM
Guys this is the last time I am saying this PLEASE LISTEN TO ME. Your opinions are all welcomed and much needed but at this point to call names and say your glad this one and that one is gone is crazy and I will tell you why. If we were 5 or 10 years into the HHA and there was all kinds of drama, name calling, and finger pointing on why things were done, were not done, should have been done and so on YOU ALL KNOW I WOULD BE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE! BUT where not were still young and growing and learning.

If it were not for Ben, Larry, and the other guys getting the HHA off the ground and spending their OWN money and time to do it there would be no HHA. I say on this lets say THANK YOU GUYS instead of all the attacks. I am sure Larry, Ben, Scott, Eric all spent hours working on this for US all. Hell all we were doing was working on our haunts, chilling here on HW and on HA and spending time with our families these guys could not do that as they were trying to get this off the ground and still run their haunts! So to say things like I did not like them, or I am glad their gone is just down right WRONG and disrespectful as I did not see one of us stand up and offer our money and time!!!

Now moving forward I respect everyone , will I always agree? heck no but that's how it is in life we all see things different. I respect everything these guys has done and am honored they have did this for me and you, yes YOU! I also respect John Kennedy for bringing HA back to life, I respect Scott and Eric for the hours they spent helping launch the HHA, I respect Steve Kopelman for having a great site to where it sends me customers, Ben and Larry for their hours they spent and the money they forked over again without them stepping up to the plate there would be no HHA and I am sure in thinking about it they are saying hell had I knew this piss on it its not worth it. But I think its worth it just like they did and still do just as I do.

Can we please come together and move forward? Ok I admit it and see that there are problems but lets all stick together and work on them we can even talk about them at the show. Guys I will be honest I told Larry I would take on this role when I should have slept on it and I am really really stressed here. I am opening a new haunt dealing with all the stuff that that brings all before the first board goes up. I am still running my Christmas and Easter Company, I am still dealing with old Graystone Bullshit! I got tons of animals to care for and now I am helping with the HHA board and helping Larry moderate this site! Damn and you thought you had it bad Larry LOL! I am serious here guys I am stressing more than I ever have in my life but I told Larry I would and I will! I am begging you guys look at the hell I got going on now and I am sticking it out! Will you do as a friend would and should and stick it out with me and not turn your backs? Can we stop the he said, she said, they said name calling and finger pointing and move forward to correct it all in a way everyone will like even though I assure you theres no way in hell that will happen! There will always be disagreements but all we can do is try and get everyone back on track and positive again PLEASE GUYS FOR ME? I am serious I am on the edge here please lets all come together. Shane and its from the heart! Shane this time.

03-20-2010, 06:07 AM

You make some good points, but you do not know everything about the HHA and what has been done or said at this point.

The one point I wanted to correct is that you said the HHA is in Shane's hands now. That simply is not true at this time. First of all, the HHA has a board, and IF Shane is voted in he would be an equal member to the board to serve the membership and industry. You cited one or a couple people had all the power then you hand the reigns over to Shane?

Larry may have jumped the gun by appointing his own successor there needs to be an official vote before anyone gets in on the board. Once that happens Shane becomes a part of the team, not the coach and I hope Shane you agree with this statement.


03-20-2010, 06:56 AM
Very much so. Larry asked me to take his place and if the board agrees then I will be one of a group. I told Larry I would do this but if there are others out there that want's to throw their name in the hat I promise I have no problems with that either and I don't see Larry or the board having a problem with that. You got Randy as president and all the other hard working officers. But lets keep the vision and stay the course of what these guys started! Shane and its you are correct! Allan Shane this time.

03-20-2010, 09:03 AM

I think you would be a good asset for the HHA. I just wanted everyone reading these threads to know and make clear that details need to be worked out before any changes like this would occur, least of which an actual vote by the board. It's already been stated prematurely, but I don't think you'll have any problems.

One of the points we need to work on is having one voice that represents the entire association, so that any individual opinions and statements will not be misconstrued or misinterprested as the voice of all of us as a board, and as an association.

See you guys next week!

03-20-2010, 12:08 PM

I think you are PERFECT. At this point I'm looking foward to stepping off the HHA board and letting the NEW board take over and create the benefits and do what they can to bring people together.

Given my position I own a magazine, someone else owns a magazine, I own a directory someone else owns a directory... I don't want to be at odds with any of these people. You have to understand if they are on the board or I'm on the board it can heighten accusations.

I think it best I am not on the board because those who compete with me can't say anything...its best for all.

Shane you compete with NO ONE!

You are perfect.