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03-18-2010, 09:05 PM
Greg i admit I have benn pretty hard on your haunt. Maybe I have tried to say you are not better then Edge of hell. I wil say I should't do that. It isn't fair. But what you charge your customers for what they get isn't fair. But lets face it. Your not in a town of 500:000 much less a million people like Edge of Hell. But any way i'm gonna let this thing with Fearfest go. I'm sorry for any hard fellings.You run a decent haunt to be located at Mid-Way. Necropolis is in Columbia. Your about 5 miles west of there. But kenny Wyss isi n the pot calling the kettle black. When i worked for Threshold in Mezico. I was told by many people and I have heard from other haunts in a 50 mile radius of Mexico what Kenny has said to them. All this crying of his poster's and flyers being torn down & destroyed, he is guilty of. I have heard he has bad mouthed any haunt in the area to customers. Including Fearfest. Kenny is a back stabber and a snake in the grass. Not to mention he is a con artist. And try's to hide behind god to make himself look himself look innocent. Since when did he find religion. He does't even go to church. His god is the almighty dollar. he has screwed over enough friends, family members & land lords over it. Why do you think he has had 8 locations in the last 10 years? He is is a silver tongue bastrad who screws everyone over.He is guilty of slanders and bashing larry's haunts on hauntworld. Why do you think he worships Leonard Pickle?! Just because Larry's actors told him to quit taking pictures at Scream World. And cussing out his help on F.R.S. radio's when he is in the safety of his vehicle driving off from Scream World. Does Kenny call thia mature? Would any haunter or even God think what he does is right. Greg, I would be careful who you are quick to defend. They might be a so called haunter. But if they were a true haunter and a good person would they backstab and cut other haunters throat to try to stay in business.

Kenny, you can't come on here and say any of this isn't true! Your cousin Graig who told you about your fliers getting burnt, has told us plenty of dirt on you. As you know Graig play's both sides of coin with both friends and family.And I have seen him burn your precious fliers and coupon's myslef with my own eyes. So if you read this tonight maybe you should pray to God tonight. Because your the one who needs to be a true haunter. Grow up and quit the back stabbing and everything to get what you want.


03-24-2010, 01:15 AM
please delete this post. I did not bring it back up. And I am not trying to cause trouble.