View Full Version : Looks like we are going to do it!!!

Rich Hanf
03-20-2010, 08:27 PM
YES...just got back from a trip to Tampa and checked in to get the latest Speed Seminar numbers. It looks as though we are close to breaking an all time record for a seminar 200!!!

With only a few short days left to go we are less than 15 seats away from a total sellout. This will be the most heavily attended seminar in the entire Transworld seminar history....and that's saying something.

So...let me try to get rid of these final seats. Let's begin with me...I'll be doing the first seminar on showmanship. Be it "standin tall and doin it all" to great Googley Moogley I must know something as you guys have been quoting me for years (thank you). I'll be touching on staying in character, skits vs scares, mini shows and hawking, what to do when the tv cameras show up, your first contact with customers, the haunted Attraction Employee Handbook, Infomercials, line entertainment...and a lot more. I promise...it's going to be awsome!!!

Speaking of awsome, how do you beat Ben Armstrong? I'm just glad he is coming on after me cause I sure wouldn't want to follow him. You all know Ben...Netherworld, Dr Speculo, IAHA, HHA, and the best looking live characters any of us have ever seen. He will be talking about props...specifically, actor props. According to Ben "a prop is a lot more than just a bloody knife".
Ben will be teaching us all about the different props he uses at Netherworld...everything from noise makers, to reach extenders, to focal point props, to props that transform a character. Ben will teach us all thing we can't learn anywhere else in a way no body else can. Don't miss Ben as he doesn't speak all that often. See him on Wednesday or wish you had, come Thursday.

If someone has to follow Ben it might as well be Timmer and Anne Marie Gavinski. We all know them as being extremely detail oriented and I'm not talking about painting rust on fake rivits detail. I mean protocols, number crunching, management...all the important things that goes into making a show a success...and successful they are. Haveing entered this business only 6 years ago (after taking one of my seminars I might add :)) they have gone from almost ordinary start up haunters to superstars with a show and numbers that almost any haunter would kill for. Accident? I think not!!! If they are good at what I just mentioned, they are GREAT at marketing and advertising...or is it promotions and sponsorships...and what is the difference between all these things anyway...and what is meant by inbound vs outbound...and well...I don't know...I'm just a broke down ole Haunter...but Tim and Anne Marie are gonna learn us all what the difference is. I know for a fact that Anna Marie has lost her voice as she has been practicing so much. Don't miss the First Family of Haunting as they teach us all the secrets of great marketing.

That's it for now...maybe I'll get one more post out tomorrow but if this doesn't sell a few tickets I don't know what will. Let's break the all time record for a seminar...200 or bust. Later H