View Full Version : Great Googley Moogley!!!

Rich Hanf
03-23-2010, 07:43 AM
OK...this is it. Leaving for the airport shortly. Looking forward to seeing you guys at Transworld. The Speed Seminars have broken all previous attendance records and it's going to be a blow out. Speaking of blow outs...Insane Shanes party is going to put the old Rubies Party to shame. He has spent zillions making this the best party we jave ever seen.

Just wanted to spread the word that Great Googley Moogley is the buzzword of the show. When ever you see me say Rich Hanf...great googley moogley. When you see Jen say Yo Jen...Great Googley Moogley. No matter who you see...great them with Great Googley Moogley and that way we will all know we are in the club together. Say it to larry, to Timmer, to Steve kopelman at HauntedHouse.com Say it to Ben Armstrong. Let Great Googley moogley be our secret password. Oh yeah...say it to Tattoo also. LOL Later H