View Full Version : Now THAT was a Tradeshow!!!

Rich Hanf
03-30-2010, 05:39 PM
Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!!! THAT was a tradeshow. With so much going on it’s difficult to know just where to start…but I do want to thank everyone that greeted me by saying Great Googley Moogley…the traditional greeting of Haunters everywhere. You guys rule.

First order of business is the Speed Seminars. Well, as predicted by Hanf-A-Domous, it was a full house. Don’t know if we broke the 200 person mark, but if not we were very very close. It was very well received and I believe that a lot of good solid information was shared during this 5 hour 10 speaker event. I’m certain that we will be seeing something close to this in the future. The event was not perfect and as you may well expect there were a few low points, but overall, the event went so well and received such high marks that it is a credit to those that worked to put it together (i.e. Ben & Transworld) that they could do so much right straight out of the box. I mean any time you get to reap the benefits of the professionalism of Timmer and Anne Marie, the in depth analysis of Ben Armstrong, and the blow em out of the water heart stopping, jaw dropping, earthquake quaking, air conditioner shakin show stopper effects of Ross Karpelman, Stephen Joseph, and the House of Shock crew…all on the same bill…..well, there really isn’t much of a down side now is there? Thanks to all who attended and your show of support.

There is no end to the things I could say about the show floor. It opened on Thursday and I think everyone started doing business right away. Opening on Thursday was what the Cajun people call “Lagniappe” (pronounced Lon-Yopp) meaning that unexpected “something extra”. Friday was the typical “I’m looking around” but still did business, and Saturday was slammin. I didn’t hear a single complaint from anyone…but this show was about a lot more than just business….cont in next post….and where the good stuff is 