View Full Version : Darkness/Halloween Productions/Hauntworld

03-30-2010, 11:54 PM
DARKNESS: We want to thank all the actors who helped us scare the industry, we'd also like to thank all the actors from out of town who helped make the experience wonderful. We would especially like to thank everyone who attend the show and put their faith into our company that we would come through this year for everyone. I do not think I will do this again so best to go out with everyone glad they came. LOL. We might tour a different haunt (shhh top secret).

Halloween Productions: Would like to thank everyone who attended my seminar, bought our DVD (How to Detail Your Haunt), and visited our booth at the show.

Hauntworld: Lastly thanks to everyone who visited with Patti and her fleet no army of helpers who sold our banners, magazines, and more. I hope everyone enjoyed the new magazine and learns from it and we'll do our best to deliver the most traffic for your business!

We are working hard on this very issue right now!!!!

Again thanks for everything and most especially all the kind words! It means alot to me and my crew! I hope everyone gets started on the renovations of their haunts and has a great season.

We are gearing up for Hauntworld Issue 25... we'll try to make it an educational one for everyone.

Stay tuned for more great things!