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Moxley Manor
04-02-2010, 06:51 AM
I have been researching formula's to make my own blood and found several different websites that have many different recipes. Many of you have already made your own blood and I would like it if you would post what has worked best for you. Today I am going to experiment with the following recipe:

1. Combine 1 part water with 3 parts corn syrup.

2. Add red food coloring and mix gently by stirring. Continue adding drops until the shade resembles that of real blood. Add a small amount of blue food coloring to achieve a more realistic shade.

3. Add a thickener.
Dry thickener - Add sifted flour or corn starch to your mixture, and gently mix it all again. You may get small lumps forming at the top of the mixture. Wait about a minute and they will float to the top where you can remove them.

4. Let the mixture sit for ten minutes in a warm environment. This will give it some time to thicken. And then you can freak people out with it, it is a lot of fun. Note: this recipe yields blood that is very sticky initially, especially in hair.

Allen H
04-02-2010, 07:33 AM
There is a kind of flour called gravy flour, use that instead of regular flour, its much finer and causes less lumps.
For blood on sets I use polyurethane and color it with silicone tints from www.bitymoldsupply.com
get the red and the green, the green deepens it and makes it look more natural, but just use a touch of the green. A little goes a long way with this stuff.
Allen H

04-02-2010, 11:24 AM
Blood recipe I stand by (slight variation on the Dick Smith Recipe):

Mouth and Stage Blood:

1 bottle Karo
1 Ounce Red Food Coloring
18 drops Blue Food Coloring
11 Drops Yellow Food Coloring
(Optional) 1-2 Teaspoon Flavoring Of Your Choice (For Chocolate, use 3 more yellow drops and 4 less blue as the color shifts a tad)

Empty about 1 ounce of syrup out of bottle, add food coloring and flavoring, shake till mixed well. This produces a nice thick realistic Blood Color. This WILL stain palms and clothing. I have had good results thinning this as much as 50% with warm water (mixes better).

This mix does tend to bead up on latex a tad. If not using in mouth, you can add up to an ounce of Dawn White or Clear Dish Soap...it helps it stick a little better.

Just a word of warning to always be careful around your eyes with anything containing red dyes, as this can cause eye infections as well as some yellows. If not thinned it does also get really sticky if using all over your body. I ripped off a small patch of skin on a railing once and will not make that mistake again...lol.

Mike "Pogo" Hach