View Full Version : Last Night-April 9th !!!!!!

Jim Warfield
04-10-2010, 07:02 AM
My first customers were three younger teenage girls..all wearing Too-toos"! You know, those short, straight-out lacey colorfull little ballerina-type things (that no one would ever wear to go out cutting firewood !)
The one had been here 5 times (from 45 miles away) and she said she was still "Scared to Death" to be here, sitting in my front room. Her two friends had never been here before and they were bouncing off the walls-scared (Or maybe it was the too-toos?)
Of course the main reason the 5-timer was back was to get to enjoy her friends screaming and jumping around the place, and they sure were!
I usually more personally enjoy the older, more intellectual crowd.. but these girls were a laugh a minute, I guess I needed that last night.
The groups that were here last night averaged a 40 mile cruise to arrive here, Savanna, Ill., Dixon, Ill.and Dubuque, Iowa.

04-10-2010, 06:48 PM
Gotta love a few kids whom just love a good scare :) sounds like everyone there had a great time Jim glad to hear it help reinvigorated you.

Jim Warfield
04-11-2010, 07:46 AM
A really fun loving older couple showed up! New fans just anticipating their Ravens Grin adventure to begin! They were then added to by a college couple who just were at a college sponsered ghost hunting seminair, all four were newbies here.
At the end of the tour we were discussing ghost hunting and I expressed my opinion that you can't do that with probably more than maybe 6 people in the room because in a crowd someone will always be talking, murmmering, laughing, farting so I always suggest it happens here in small groups.
The college guy said they had about 100 people in the one room "ghost hunting"!???
(If I was the ghost I would be finding a quieter place to be!)
I told them that 100 people in the room was "Just Nuts"!
They laughed and agreed with that.
(Of course if you did have a 100 people there each paying you $10.oo.......)
"Attention everyone!" I say through my bullhorn, "I think about 35 ghosts might have just farted on the west side of the auditorium."
"Feel the ghostly breeze as 45 ghosts on the west side are all fanning their ghostly sheets to move that bad air away from themselves."
Would 100 EMF meters all fall in love with each other and give Really strange readings?

damon carson
04-15-2010, 11:54 AM
From Too Too's to someone tooting. Jim you come up with alot of funny stories. All true. It would really be hard to narrow down who tooted in a room of 100 people wouldnt it. They need to make a fart detector. Ha!

Jim Warfield
04-15-2010, 05:47 PM
A "Fart Detector", an actual manufactured product. It resembles a smoke alarm, it talks:"Fart detected! fart detected, this is a no farting zone!"..and so on....
It used to work off of a motion detector circuit built into it but now it's manually operated, I push the button to make it talk.
I think the guy who gave it me bought it in South Dakota.