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04-19-2010, 08:14 AM
This week on Channel 66.6 HM Haunted Radio, proudly sponsored by Spirit Halloween, we are featuring news on Hauntcon, the Eerie Nights Ghost Tour, Horror Realm, Goth Prom 5: A Nightmare On Forsyth Street, Exit 13 Haunted House, Dr. Lady, Fright Rags, Evil Dead, Machete, and so very much more!!

Then, we give you the complete list of next week's dvd releases, and we review, "A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child!" Then we air the tale of a mysterious man with hairy hands who has just purchased an old house in a small town, in a tale called, "Demon Of The Night!" All this and more on the April 21 edition of Channel 66.6 HM Haunted Radio!!

Listen to show: Haunted Radio-042110.mp3 (http://hauntedradio.podomatic.com/enclosure/2010-04-19T06_57_10-07_00.mp3)

Website: http://hauntedradio.50webs.com/ (http://hauntedradio.50webs.com/)

chuck weber
04-19-2010, 02:37 PM
very helpful thanks, man.. another great podcast !!!