View Full Version : Haunted Manor for Sale

Rich Hanf
04-21-2010, 08:30 AM
This is a trailer haunt. It is 3 tractor trailers expanded to the size of 5. Has everything necessary to set up for this season and go. It has played for a number of years on the Jersey Shore on the Funtown Pier and a number of years as a second attraction at a local Haunted hayride. Will assist with set up of course. This has been a life long project for me and I have been haunting for 15 years. Breaks my heart to do this but getting out of haunting due to ever growing family. That said, would consider setting it up for a permanent gig if your location was great.
Looking for any reasonable price over $50,000.

For info please call Stan Ambro at 973-296-1354

Going to attach pix Thanks everyone