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Lynton V Harris
02-17-2007, 06:48 PM
We rarely choose to post on these boards, however we do remain active readers of interest.
Larry had bought the Screamworks situation to my attention back in October, and as such, I immediately contacted them to cease using 'from the Creator of Madison SCARE Garden', and to ascertain who was promoting themselves as such.
With regard to Leonard Pickel, or any of our 'vendors' back then, it was made very clear, legally, of the correct titleage to use...I think it was something like 'Official Vendor'.
I also emailed Norton's Auctions and received no response, and as such, if we prove that we have lost any business to to this defamortory association to this project, and the sale of such, we will seek legal action for damages.
We are already aware of potential client (from IAAPA) that thought they would go to that auction and obtain 'our work' cheap.
We had absolutely nothing wahtsoever to do with SCREAMWORKS and as the Creator of Madison SCARE Garden, I am personally and proffessionally offended at this notion.
Since Madison SCARE Garden we have gone on to create world class haunted attractions worldwide, and our list of credits past and present are second to none.
I want to thank Larry and Rich Hanf for pointing out that this in fact was not our project...they both know how I felt after the first year of Madison SCARE Garden.

The only other thing is to advise Larry that Madison SCARE Garden was not a flop per se. Madison SCARE Garden was my first show in America, and my first 'haunt', and as such, I remain extremely proud of that audacious challenge today, regardless of how much money we lost. It was a fantastic creative success, with four years of growth in ticket sales & revenue, attendance, and sponsorship . It fuelled our reputation and success worldwide. It suffered from the Union environment in NYC period. Nothing else. Madison SCARE Garden was a great idea that worked, and the audience loved it. Now some ten years on, we have learnt how to deal with the union issues, and do not be surprised if you see that stadium/arena haunted show resurface on a world tour. Hell, we might even stop back in NYC!

For the past 8 years we have essentially built all our new attractions in-house, and have an incredible slate of exciting projects in 2007.

Please check out our website.

Lynton V Harris
Chairman & CEO
The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company
New York*Hollywood*Sydney*London
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02-17-2007, 07:25 PM
AHHH!! You left out Fearfest at Kings Island... That was an amazing year! Great work. -Tyler

Rich Hanf
02-18-2007, 08:34 AM
I just wanted to drive home one thing that Lynton "Mr Big" so briefly touched on. In an industry where even the most seasoned player is occassionally scrambling to rent space at the local fair or empty building down the block...imagine what it took to say "I'm going to do my first show at MSG in NYC". I can't think of anyone in the entire industry that had that kind of vision coupled with the confidence to back it up.
Ten years ago we were all experiencing a learning curve and nobody could be blamed for not being able to anticipate the incredible expense of the NYC unions. Sometimes success has to be measured by accomplishment not merely financial success. In a time when too many people spend too much time on boards like this defending people that have hurt this industry, guys like Lynton continue to set the pace and raise the bar showing everyone what can be accomplished with the right focus and dedication...and I wish he would stop...it's getting hard to keep up 8)
Rich Hanf

02-18-2007, 12:19 PM
So, just to ask... How much would an attraction from Lynton cost a haunter? I know Larry's run around $100K brand new (more or less)... Leonards run around $2-5K used...

Just wondering. -Tyler

Jim Warfield
02-18-2007, 01:49 PM
Don't forget Gregg's new product, "The Haunted Car Trunk". not available with fastback designs or sport coupes.....
Of course the Mafia may have invented this to begin with, it must be a rumor since nobody can find it or knows anybody who has been there (and lived to tell about it)
Maybe it's in the parking lot beside the 15 story haunted house that nobody can find? How do you pay on a 15 story building with no customer-generated income, since it remains unfindable?
"I know Teacher! I know!"
The 15 story haunt is an optical illusion from a empty beer can and a strobe light against the low clouds, of course first you have to find the "special" beer can , it also helps if you persoanlly empty a couple of dozen in this search.

02-18-2007, 03:47 PM

I'm glad you cleared that up for everyone...good job. As to my comment about MSG, I was refering to your dealings with the before mentioned consultant. I was proud of the fact that I was able to come onto your team in MSG year two and help fix the problems created by the before mentioned.

I will say that I thought your event was pretty cool, I was talking with Ed a few weeks ago and saying... Remember that you guys had Chris Angel perform before he was known. Wow that was something.

I remember being there and scaring the hell out of Salt N Pepper, Knicks players and Bob Costas.

Fun, Fun!


RJ Productions
02-18-2007, 04:27 PM
Thnaks for the clarification "right from the horse's mouth" so to speak!!
I find it amusing that someone who constantly threathens lawsuit to anyone who even remoting has a name or refers to his "trademarked" title has to audascity to make such claims himself!!!!

He surely can't plead ignorance! How did any of these people get such a notion unless they where TOLD the information?????

Guess some people do not practice what they preach!!!