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crazybob turner
02-18-2007, 12:26 PM
The wage topic currently hitting the boards is part of the critical info presented next Thursday in Chicago, Ill

Their is a 10% discount for IAHA members off of the regular fee!

Just to inform everyone again their is NOLONGER a Crazy Bob Social on Wednesday night in Chicago. Even tho last year was a HUGE success with over 200 in attendence and a $1,600 Scareparts prop given away courtsey of Keith Korner, I came to the conclusioon that I must take this 8 year event back to its roots which was a networking event for Owner and Operators. Transworld and I have seen fit to bring together a great professional team of presenters for this Thursday scheduled event. I am proud to once again announce that Scareparts of Columbus, Ohio is the Official Sponsor.
Sorry I have not had time to properly post info on this very important subject before this!!! My staff and I are preparing for what is going to be the most successful TWE show ever. On Thursday night from 6:30 PM to 11:00PM at the convention center their will be a OFFICIAL TransWorld Seminar specially prepared for Owners and Operators/ Key Staff/ or serious business development planners. The very first item on the 4 speaker program is Denise Ceese from the Realm of Darkness who has successfully gone through a major battle with the IRS (2004 & 2005) on what is acceptable for Independent Contractor hiring for Haunted Attractions. After spending $27,000 plus in legal fees she won her case. Denise's efforts will now stand as the mile marker in defense of our Haunt Industry. She will personally be explaining what is required and how to successfully run this type of operation to attendees of the Extreme Networking Program held at the Stephen Convention Center. If you are not able to make this networking event then you may order a copy by emailing me at hauntedhydro@sbcglobal.net Conformations will be sent when ordering it online.
In addition to her presentation the are 3 additional subjects.
1. Michael Barrett, who is a 25 year certified CPA, will present the do's and don't specially prepared for the Haunt Industry and will be giving the how and why of Deprecation for our special beloved props and items. Their is also coverage of what is needed for documentation of home office/ business expenses of shows,educational, and business activities. and lots more!
2. Randy Young, a practicing attorney for the state of Indiana and has had 20 plus years as a haunt operator, will be giving vital info on how to legally protect your haunt activities, logos, websites, proper verbiage for tickets and entrance ways just to name a few of the possible topics. The great thing about this speaker is his true knowledge of our industry and his professional outlook on where each business needs to be to operate in a safer zone
3. Last but not least, the Haunted Hydro a multiple event operation now in its 18 year of operations will present what to do when a catastrophic event occurs at your attraction. In 2006 this happened at the Hydro and hear how successful the out come was for that location and our industry. Russ Aikman, the actual EMT, will co present the program with Bob Turner the Owner. All necessary paper work to assist owners with this event situation will be given out to the attendees.


YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO SIGN UP. This is designed to be a small private networking program for experienced businesses.

See you in Chicago - Crazy Bob Turner Transworld Exhibits Haunt Pavilion Director