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Jim Warfield
05-01-2010, 08:52 PM
Came here today at 11 in the morning. when you hear "Corvette" what do you think of?
Driving 180mph with 450 hp under your gas peddle foot? I was told that 2 of the Corvettes here today did have 500 hp!
When I opened my front door to the entire group I looked around the parking lot at all the Corvettes and I said, "I park my Corvette indoors." Then I brought a plastic model Sting Ray into view for them, it's over a foot long, it is actually an old video tape re-winder.
Then later in the tour I had a heck of a time getting even one volunteer for the Time-Travel Machine, of course looking around the room almost everyone looked to be 80 years young!
I badgered them for not volunteering by asking, "Is this the Corvette Club that drives 40 miles an hour?" (Come on people, volunteer!) One of them loudly said, "We only drive like that when we are alone." (Ha-ha-ha-ha!"? what does that mean?)
Much later when talking to the youngest guy in the club (30?) I said, "You can tell me now, do they all drive 40 miles an hour?"
"Yah, pretty much."
I think he was one of the 500 horsepower Vettes, the one with the chrome -skull tail light covers, they looked really neat! (They looked to me to be custom-made to fit That Vette too.)
This afternoon a woman who has spent endless minutes on the phone with us over the last few weeks did not show up here as she said they were...aggrievating!
Then tonight a JC haunter brought his friends here to be joined by a Dad and his little girls.
After the tour I'm in the wine cellar re-setting things, my in-pocket doorbell goes off, I run back upstairs, it's 2 of the little girls wanting to buy a tee-shirt.
I return to the wine celar, the doorbell goes off again, this time it's the Father:"Did my kid buy a shirt?"
"Yes she did a small one."
"Where did they go?"
"? That way?" I point away from the dense woods and cliff to the immeadiate north( where else could they go??)
I return to the wine cellar, the doorbell rings again, this time it's all 3 sisters, the smallest one was too afraid, didn't come in, they needed to buy 2 more shirts.
"I'm not afraid now, I'm coming in tomorrow."
I devoted 20 minutes trying to talk her into the house earlier tonight with other customers patiently waiting her decision......"GGRRR!"
And that how it goes sometimes.
Another group of real fans are to be getting here around 11 tonight.
I have been sometimes frantically working over these last few weeks, getting a certain room operational again for today's business and the improvements work better than expected!
Yes, I have no trouble at all getting to sleep at night, being real busy kind of helps that happen.

damon carson
05-03-2010, 11:41 AM
Wow how many Vettes showed up Jim? Thats really cool! Hope you took pictures. Should of talked to them and had a big car show at your haunt. That might have brought alot of business in?! I didnt know you had t-shirts for kids. I may order a couple for my boys if you could make them. But there little guys they wear 4T and 5T in boys shirts. Im gonna get around to ordering before Summers over Jim. I promise.
The Procrastinator.

Jim Warfield
05-04-2010, 12:30 AM
Here. One time the German car, the NSU Swimmwagen (1958? product) car club was parked here , 12 of them all colors, all rebuilt looking like new. They are boat/cars or Car/boats?
When the Mazda Miata club was here I told them miatas were Mr. Tuxedo's favorite car, he was always talking about them, "MMeow-tah!" Meeeow-tah!"
When the Frazier/Willys/Nash car club came here (Their cars looked like Model T Fords) I told them I should really NOT be trying to frighten them , since they already have a bad case of the "Willys"!
"Heck, we will forget the house tour and rent you all shovels for $5.00 and let you dig for old car parts in the backyard and adjacent landfill!"
Almost every time I have dug a hole here I hit old car parts, I dig deeper I find wagon parts.
The second time we had a garden roto-tilled the tiller hit two stacks of what looked like Model T windshields, stacked buried in their frames!?

damon carson
05-04-2010, 03:30 PM
Lol! Thats funny! Well you definately got the parking lot and sounds like backyard for both!
Take care JIM!