View Full Version : FOR SALE MaGee FX Ultimate Wolf Prop

Jess Acridge
05-05-2010, 02:42 PM
From Partick MaGee one ULTIMATE WOLF prop! Like New Conditon $2800.00 OBO (Note: my version of this prop has LESS grey hair throughout, more black in color)

The Ultimate Wolf

Each hand and head are latex and foam filled.
Upper and lower teeth and tongue are resin cast!
Glass eyes
NFT (YAK FUR) head/neck/chest/back
Synthetic fur on the arms and body
From front claws to back he is 8 feet long
Width of front paws is the largest at 5 feet
He's 3 1/2 feet tall
Steel armature
Molded polyfoam body
The wolf splits at the waist for shipping/storage/ or half display

Use for disply ONLY in a smoke free envoirnment. Contact Jess at 480-452-6528
Buyer pays shipping via Freight determined by buyer.