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Rich Hanf
02-18-2007, 10:13 PM
This is sooooo cool. I was told earlier today...by Tattoo...the badest of dem Bad Boyz...that the Tundra Tour will be video taped. The big news is that they have signed on... direct from Salem Ma where they burn witches ...none other than John Elton Floyd. John Elton is part of Professor Nightmares crew and is argueably the best Haunted House videographer in the country today. John Elton has been taping Haunted Houses all over the country for a long long time now and probably has a 20 year collection. As you can imagine, many many of these haunts no longer exist . Besides being the best at what he does he is spectacularly funny and nobody knows more about removing unsightly stains that he does.
Doesn't fit in but it's true. John Elton Floyd will be on my bus taping everything that happens while other video is being shot in other buses. In addition...the lovely and curvaceous Deanna Morton (yes IAHAs Secretary)
will be taking notes...writing down in detail all the information that is going to be shared throughout the tour.
The thinking here is that there will be so much great info, from so many top notch haunters that it just couldn't not be saved for the sake of history...history and maybe the FROZEN TUNDRA DVD SET and NOTEBOOK
This could turn out to be the only educational tool you will ever need in terms of running a truly successful haunt. That and of course my 3 dvd "Living Dead Live" set and my Haunted Attraction Employee Handbook which will be for sale exclusively on the Tundra Tour and at Larrys booth.

This just keeps getting better Rich

Jim Warfield
02-19-2007, 06:21 AM
John filmed the first bus ride to Ravens Grin and did a very funny-good job editing it.
Since there is a video record it will be very hard to begin eating the other passengers if the bus gets stuck in a snowbank, tough luck, Rich!
(Haunter Bus etiquette says you must wait at least 15 minutes after the bus gets stuck before the snacking can begin, Mr. Tuxedo tells me)
We wish we could be there.