View Full Version : Making it work.

Jim Warfield
05-09-2010, 09:21 AM
Our phone rang Very late last night. A female voice made us an offer, a very generous one , to give her and her two friends a late night house tour here. We cautiously approached this scenario with numerous stipulations for her to meet.
So with a long look and conversation with them in person we took the excessive amount of money she offered and with increased security we babysat them through the house but really only one of them was noticably drunk and turned out to be not a problem at all.
I still wonder about the motive for the time they spent here. Is she simply a huge fan or were we being used as a late night place where she could flirt with the other guy while her significant other was too drunk to notice or care?
Many years ago I had actually developed a number of very good fans who would come here at 12 midnight or later who were never drunk, so I know it can happen, can be done.
My personal problem with those 3-4 O'Clock AM hours is that my internal alarm clock feels that it has to wake me up much ealier than 9:30 and this becomes a fight and the next day is alot tougher than usual because of that "sleep" thing.
We didn't break any of our own "rules", that tour could have ended quickly if enough sobriety vanished, then all deals are off, of course we babysitters keep the money.
"Bad Baby! Bad Baby!"
(You're not going to mess My Pants!)