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05-17-2010, 05:38 AM
well i came to my self that right now is not the best time in my life to go head first in to a pro haunt. I have all the plans on paper and the more i look at it. it's not going to be right now in my life. as for now i am going to do a yard haunt, so that way i can see what/ how good i can become. i think in my mind it's a good move on my end. i will still be working at the haunted house that i am at. I can not risk my house and what i have lined up in my life. so i know that there is loans and free money out there but no one has show me the way to do it. there is people on here WILL NOT show any one of us how to do it because they don't want you to know. in saying that i mean look can any one of us new-be haunted house owners just say hey this is how you do it and go for it. here is the tools to get what you need and go. NO they don't want you to know cause they don't want a haunted house beating them out of money and other stuff. next thing you know a haunteed house that has been in a town for say.. 5 years and it's ok but then some new haunt pops up and it's bigger and better. WHY? you ask well.. it's because that owner knew the boss from the old haunt. he knew how he did it 5 years ago. i don't know any more about some of those haunted houses now.. some been here for years and now i see them having to much drunk power. they think they can say well we are better than any one and i am sick of it. i am sick of them being to good for them selfs. it hurts me to see them shoot down other haunts in this town and it's fair for them. they are bad people. bad owners to the place, they are bad to the actors. it's not fair to the actors to make them feel like crap. i hurt when it's not fun any more to be the slave like i am to them every year. i care about halloween and it's history. they is it as a buck but i know some poeple are for that. they are not good people.. they will get in to your life and mess with you. they are true back stabbers in real blood.. they are the best to work with and they do cheat you out of money. some times they dont follow tax rules and most laws in fact. i wish i didn't need to do this but it's hard for me to say this but YOU need to know.


05-17-2010, 02:00 PM
i guess no one really wants to reply to this.. oh well...

05-17-2010, 02:08 PM
No one may be responding because it is kind of hard to understand what you are trying to say.

The only thing I got out of that was that you were upset that haunt owners on here won't tell you how to open a haunt. The thing is, it's different for everyone. The way for you will not be the same way anyone else has opened theirs. It will depend on where you are, how your financing is to be arranged, who is inspecting you and what rules must you follow in their eyes, access to crew in the area, etc. Their are 1,000,000 variables that change how your haunt will be created.

The best advice I can give is to read both of Kelly Allens books, go to every convention, talk to every person willing to talk to you, and collect information for years and years before attempting it.

05-17-2010, 04:04 PM
I will tell ya that each haunt is very different its not that they wont tell you most of the time they just cant tell you.I could tell word for word what I did but it will mean nothing to you.The answers your looking for are yours to answer how big of haunt do you want 3000sq ft or 100,000sq ft what can you afford?Everybody screams business plan will get you money from the bank lets just be honest your chances with that are slim to none without something to back it up or very good standing with a local bank.No shame in starting small do a small trail cut your teeth not as many rules & reg...runnning a haunt is not all fun and $$$$.Do you have anything other than a plan? building, land or $$$ do you have actors who will work?Where is your starting point if you want a huge haunt its going to take more than small haunt its much easier to grow than fail......Theres a lot of hoops to jump thru each town city county and state are not the same even counties side by side are different.I deal with the fire marshal have you talked to yours?If I move into city same fire marshal but new rules.It helps to act and look like a pro. safety is always first even if you haunt the backyard.I wish you could buy haunt in a box with $$$ included that would be great.....only 19.99.....Unless you have deep pockets you can't compete with the biggest haunts at first but you can offer a small quality show and grow or find a niche that no one is using and run with it.Remember the first corn maze was just a guy lost in the corn.

05-17-2010, 04:39 PM
keep reading and watching everything you can get your hands on Tim Harkleroads new book J.B. Corns books available free online until you have the confidence that you can do it buy that time if you start saving now you will have start up capital and wrangle in as many friends and family to help your first year.

05-17-2010, 05:22 PM
yes now i look back at it i feel a little dumb... i was getting to me and then i went off on how the bosses at the haunt i work at is doing some bad things. like not obaying the laws and stuff. They are like there the Galactic Empire of the star wars and i am the Rebel Alliance.... or in other trems there Darth Vader and i am Luke Skywalker. Most of all this site and most of you guys are well like Yoda..:D mostly from that point of view..

I have been trying to use the Haunted house jedi Force so much that i needed some way to let to go. so now i do feel better.

sorry about...


05-17-2010, 06:48 PM
No offense. but you need to work on your sentence structure and do a better job of getting whats in your head down on paper or in typing.

Next, it is not the responsibility of haunt owners to take anyone by the hand and guide them to opening a business. If you went to Coca-Cola asking them how to make soft drinks you think they'd offer you advice? NO way!

Also you made a point haunt owners are not all that thrilled to create new competition for themselves, who can blame them?

Buy every video made about haunted houses, subscribe to every magazine, post often on the forums with good sentence structure, and go to all haunt shows and talk to as many haunters as possible as mentioned earlier. Also, continue to do your yard haunt and make that amazing, and try to visit as many haunts that you can each year that's how you can really learn. Hope that helps!


Allen H
05-18-2010, 12:23 AM
Let me say firstly that I am honestly trying to give you good helpful advice. I will also say that I am not god's gift to haunted houses, but I have been doing them awhile. I just went a read all of your posts 123 of them. You asked one time how people got started on their haunts and you got three pages of help, who are you angry at? The board is chomping at the bit to help you that is obvious from all the responses you get to your posts. Your anger at the board is irrational and makes you look bad.

#1 Do not borrow money to build a haunt
#2 Haunt owners do not want you to fail, nor is "the man" trying to hold you back.
#3 Why do you think someone should tell you how to start a business? If they did then you would fail. Recognize that the effort required to gain the knowledge to start a business is nothing compared to the effort required to run it successfully. Gaining the knowledge and putting in that effort is part of starting a haunt, its essential to the process.
#4 Your post rambles like a crazy person wrote it, when posting its best to ask one question and get an answer for that. You might want to edit your post down to what you want it to really say.
#5 try to do a small scale pro haunt, talk to a farm and see if you can do a trail on their property and give them a percentage. See if the haunt owner will allow you to build an upcharge attraction on their property and give them a percentage? Make calls and ask questions, thats how to start a haunt. Now someone has told you how to do it.
Allen H

05-18-2010, 05:01 PM
well, i have been mad at some people but it's not on here at all. i have been mad at myself and some people here where i live. i thank you for the all the help i can get that is on here.

who i am mad at is the people here in this state of ID. The people i work with at this haunt and some family too. i have tried and tried so hard to make them under stand what i am trying to do. my family is hard to show them that i am talken about.

i know it's about working hard for what you want and going for it. It's the fellow friends and mostly family thats holding me back.

it's really true for what i said about the haunt i do work at. This place is not fallowing the laws and respecting there workers.

the haunt i worked at this past year was good but as soon as a new haunted house pop up they had to go and shoot it down. WHY you ask? well, This haunt was at a fair. they called it "scare at the fair" and bosses told evey one that they were using the tax payers money to open that haunt... in fact that this "scare at the fair" people used there own money to make and run the haunt. like any one should. they where just using the place for rent. So the bosses was putting out lies about this place so much that the "scare at the fair" did not get much people.


thank you for your time to know what i am talken about. your one of the guys that will keep talken to me. I know it can and mostly likely makes me look mad but i need it to get it out of my head.


my spelling is not the best in the world, I know my sentence structure is not good. I can see that every time. i have ADD and my mind gose a little faster than what it should be. I have been in special education classes most of my life. some people need to understand about me.


Allen H
05-18-2010, 05:07 PM
what part of Idaho are you in? Pm me with the answer if you'd rather not say here.

05-18-2010, 05:16 PM
ok i sent you a pm

Kelly Anderson
05-18-2010, 06:00 PM
I just want to point out that you should worry less about what other people think of your future plans, or the things you want to do, such as run your own haunt. If someone doesnt like it, so what, its their opinion and thats fine. But if you truelly want to own your own haunt one day you need to be focused on the tasks at hand that will get you to your goal.

The first thing you need to do is "your homework". Asking questions like youve been doing, reading the answers, and understanding them. You'll definately get alot of great responces here on the forum as there are many that want to help. But one thing you have to remember is that the forum is only one resource and many of the responces you get will be great when more related to how to build a haunt and what scares work best and so on.

But alot of the business end could be much different for you vs someone else. As posted earlier there are so many variables. Plus there are so many things to take into considerating when starting a business that to just ask on a post, you'll never get all the answers your looking for. You need to dig around online (not necessarily the haunt forum) for info on starting a business. Maybe contact the state and ask for advice from them. Registering as a business, getting a Employer ID number is part of it. Are you going to have employees or volunteers? What type of insurance do you need and how much? We havent even talked about building a scary haunt yet. Where is the location going to be? So you find this great location just to the edge of town... But now you better get ahold of the city and see how the property is zoned and whether they will even let you run a haunt at that location. When it comes to money it'll probably be tough getting anything. But thats ok cause many business dont make much of a proffit the first year anyway if they make anything at all and the last thing you need is to be oweing a bank money you dont have. So start saving!

Many of these questions the best person that can find answers to them are you. Everybody else here that owns a haunt or some type of business have had to find these answers. Probably spent alot of time on the phone. After an hour on hold get told to call back tomarrow. Likely been told things they dont want to here or even had people totally against them. I know I've been very frusterated at times as well but what do you do. YOU KEEP ON KEEPN ON!!

So keep focused on finding your answers. There will always be people here to help where they can but it pretty much boils down to how determined you are and to not get discouraged along the way.

Good Luck HG

05-18-2010, 06:33 PM

You sound like you have ambitions and you are setting goals for youself that's great. I'm sure you're making the most of your challenges such as the ADD. Expressing your thoughts and being able to speak well and even write well are 2 tools you'll be calling upon as a business person quite often, so I hope you continue to work on it and improve.

Keep working hard and create an amazing show until you're ready to take the next step.

Good luck,