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06-02-2010, 11:00 PM

Although I don't post much on this board, I have been following this site and the industry for quite some time now. Along with haunt acting, my main reason to join this site is to see what graphical media the haunt industry is looking for. I am in school studying to become a graphic designer, with a strong passion for this industry.
What I love about this board (as well as haunting in general) is how tight knit everyone becomes, as its such a specific culture to love and work for. For me, I am able to talk to and connect with a large amount of people, than just one or two companies.

Here are my questions:
What do you (haunt owners, vendors, and the like) want from graphic designers? Do you have different designers for your attraction, or just one? Are you wanting those who work more with print (flyers, shirts, posters) or digitally? (websites, video, etc)

I ask these questions as I want to see what the people involved with the industry desire. I want to satisfy my clients as much as possible, and by hearing your feedback with give us designers ideas on what to focus on.

I am currently working on my personal website right now, but I am more than happy to talk with those who need something designed. Hell, I'll do a few free flyer designs, if anyone wishes. Just PM or email me.


Patti Ludwinski
06-04-2010, 12:32 PM
Hello! I'm happy to see you posting and I think this industry would welcome with open arms some additional talent in the graphic artist field. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the size specs and requirements of the online haunt directory ads (Banner Ads, Leaderboard Ads, Featured Listing Logos, etc.), so that if/when you offer your services, you can market a package deal. Email me at blacklightminigolf@sbcglobal.net and I can provide you alll exact specs for HauntWorld haunt directory ads if you'd like.


Jim Warfield
06-04-2010, 07:19 PM
With some help from my Wife. I can hold the crayon better in my right arm pit than my left, it took me some time to determine this.
I hear some people cheat and hold their crayon in their hand!

06-13-2010, 08:44 AM

( I believe this thread needs to be bumped seeing as though this is something I as well as a few fellow haunters needs to see or be reminded of , as well as the fact it went down in the tread queue and may be forgotten)

To be honest,if I were looking for a "graphic designer" I would look for someone who has experince in ALL(or most) aspects, print, web design,ect.

As well as the fact if they would give a "package deal" (as Patti mentioned) for thier services.

For instance, if you did web design,flyers, ect. and gave a "package deal", you would already have the graphics neccessary to do what needs to be done.

Many haunts , that I have noticed, use the same graphics for all thier propmotional materials, so you would already have all the graphics necessary that would be needed , it would just be a matter of "scaling" the material to what needs to be printed on.

I have noticed also many haunts go with multiple companies to do differnt aspects, which in a way can cost MORE than having a "package deal" for everthing.

Granted,somethings just CAN NOT be done "in house" but if a "package deal" were done it would/could cost considerably less.

Just my thoughts.

06-14-2010, 12:21 PM
Thanks for your inputs guys! I'd love to hear your thoughts about this everyone!

06-15-2010, 05:15 AM
I think the biggest thing that you would need to do is to develop your own unique style. If you look at the bigger players already in our industry (Sinister Visions, Roques Hollow, Brainstorm, Red Crow Design) they each have their own style. What is yours going to be? That is the real question...