View Full Version : Whats in your haunt? Errr Wallet?

08-16-2006, 03:20 AM
Have you ever heard that commercial called ... Whats in your Wallet?

How about whats in your haunt, ie animations? We just made a list of all animations in the darkness that needs to be looked into. Here is the list...thought everyone could share a list of their own.

Whats in your Haunt???

Fix Black hole tunnels
2 Zombies on house facade
Headless Horseman
Hook up samp lights and ionizers
Talking proffessor
Shaking Guy in study
Talking guy in Library
Animated window
Shaking girl in bath
Fix bath shower effect
Shaking door
Intall tv in seance room
New brain peeled guy from unit 70
Slap against wall guy
Crib animation
Install TV in funeral room
Coffin scare box gag in funeral room
Animated frig
Install mirror tv's in red hall
Spitting Bear
Animated lady w/ baby
Lizzy bordon
Dancing Couple
Organ player
Bride and Groom pop out
Lundging Laundry
Flame Demon CGI in boiler
Flame effect light in boiler
Machine air gun
Install 3 tv's for fire
Skelorector in Wine cellar
Animate one of swings
Pop up Bo Character by car
Horn and lights in car
Animate the cannoe
Animated vibrating air compressor
Guy hacking body animation New from unit 70
Cabinet animation
Tesla coil
Jacobs ladders
Vibrating Barrel
Install one set droping hubcaps
2 headed guy
Animated werewolf

Animated Creeper tombstone
2 sets turning mummy characters
Sound system check for illusion chair
Rotting King, spitting snake animation
Animated trio of zombies
Mummy Kicker
Spitting Rattlesnake
Flame machines in mummy statues
Droping spiders
Spitting Pygmy
Air Cannon
Mummy box (6 mummies)
4 Gorrilas and elephant
Spitting cobras
Bleaading fountain
Snake in box animation
Kicking bllody torso (New Unit 70)

08-16-2006, 06:30 AM
That is a ton of animations, how many actors do you usually have in The Darkness along with these? What about the other haunts you own? The Darkness sounds like a blast to go through.

Ken Spriggs
08-16-2006, 07:36 AM
Show off!!!

08-16-2006, 07:43 AM
ken, if It were whats in your haunt/trailers then Im SURE you could compare... with all the old stuff from the mall location, and alot of the new stuff, Im sure you have tons.

08-16-2006, 11:54 AM
Actually not show off at all...

I didn't even know what we had until Jim emailed it to me, because we're hiring this guy from around here to fix them all, and wire them all up for this season. Once I saw the list I was like WTF...

Anyway, I thought it would be an interesting topic to see what animations people had in their haunted house.

Everyone has different tastes, likes, dislikes...hey I want to know what animations do you have in your haunted house.

I'm sure vendors out there would like to know, so they know what you like!

I'm interested! Please tell!


08-16-2006, 11:55 AM
BTW, I didn't type that list it was sent to me by our crew at the haunt.

Thats why some of the things say hook up the TV's for CGI...blah, blah.


Jim Warfield
08-16-2006, 01:30 PM
During the first two weeks that school is back in session , usually nobody comes here (open year-round, remember?) that is when I'll be buying and installing a new heavy-duty plastic garbage bag for one scare.
It is amazing how one item will get fixed in 2 minutes and the one you thought should only require 2 minutes will take half a day!?
Of course there is nobody that I could even hire to do my repair work for me if I wanted too.
This place is a full-time job.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
I was just 25 miles away standing in line to order at Wendy's when a girl working there recognised me and said, "You're my hero! I see you every time I have a birthday!"
"Sort of like one of those reoccurring bad dreams?"
The elderly woman standing next to me asked me how business was? Then added that her grand daughter comes to my house "all the time!"

08-16-2006, 01:39 PM
Yes everytime you get another Trailer it seems to magically fill. Well maybe not magically..with lots of sweat and toil. The best part is when you need that one great thing you haven't seen for years at the bottom of the pile. Its like an Archeological dig!

Haunted Houses abhor a vacuum!

Ben Armstrong

Ken Spriggs
08-16-2006, 02:02 PM
Hey we only have 5 trailers......that are almost full with 18000 square feet that might have to packed at the end of 2007.

SOOOO we might be up to 10 or 12 by the time we are done.

Ben you are correct i went on an expedition earlier this week and found some really cool stuff that i haven't seen in a few years.

I had someone ask for an inventory when we were thinking about getting out......now you have been to DR while it is running and while we are building......HOW THE HECK CAN WE DO AN INVENTORY?

One metal shiney thing....
One...um...ah wooden thing that looks nasty....

Come on...if we do sell it some day.....I will say...IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS THERE....COME ON DOWN.

Then we hand them the keys and say it needs to be gone in 2 months.

Hey Larry...your still a show off!!!!!!

08-16-2006, 02:24 PM

He who dies with the most toys wins! Or do you go by 'he who dies with the most toys still dies'? LOL

Ken, you know you guys STILL have NOT created a listing on Findhauntedhouses.com. We have your banner up but you don't have a normal listing. Better get on that ...

As far as show off...I like to toys, there is no doubt about that be it muscle cars, classic toys, or haunted house props and animations. It makes me feel great to build the ultimate haunted house for my customers.

I makes me happy but not my bank account. I could easily spend a lot less but I wouldn't be as happy!


08-16-2006, 03:10 PM
:shock: ......one home made pop up, one home made pop out and a zombie that opens his chest that I bought at Spencers. :cry: I feel so small. :lol:

Jim Warfield
08-16-2006, 03:57 PM
YOU WANT "SMALL"? hOW ABOUT A HAUNTED FLEA CIRCUS in which the only performers are ghost fleas?
This would be the absolute minimal investment for those with the itch to go haunting.

08-16-2006, 07:13 PM
Your a true inspiration. :idea:

I think I should put a HAUNTED FLEA CIRCUS on eBay. :wink:
How much do you think I can get for it? :lol:

I'll cut you in for your idea. :lol:

08-17-2006, 03:58 AM
We've got a house full of Hand Made Horrors! :lol:

Jim Warfield
08-17-2006, 05:29 AM
I just read the news story about the "Two-Headed" show in St. Louis,,,now would you happen to be the St. Louis owner of the two-headed snake, Larry?
The two headed snake wasn't on your list was it?
Sounds like something people really want to see?
They could only get offers of around $50,000 for it, instead of the $150,000 they thought they wanted and could get.
You could rent my services cheaper than that, I am "The Guy With Two Bellys". (One is behind the other one, that's what makes the front one stick out the way it does)

Ken Spriggs
08-17-2006, 09:47 AM
Scar my dear...they still cost $$$ even if you do them at home!!

Larry I like he who dies with the most toys...dies broke!!!!

JT (My Partner) called and complained about the credit card bill this month.
Oooooppps MHC put a dent in the budget.

But one of the items is from NECA (toy company).
The question to me "What kind of F..ing toys are you buying for $400?"

$400???? what the hell did I order?

When I got home there were these HUGE boxes in the area the wifes car goes.....the boxes were 4x3x3 ....

The Balrog from LOTR is a really HUGE piece

Damn things need to be assembled 2-3 foot wingspan the figure itself is almost 3 feet tall
Now i know why the bill was so much......


Jim Warfield
08-17-2006, 10:09 AM
How old were most of us when we realised that being "Good" and waiting for Santa to bring us the toys we wanted doesn't work?
It doesn't work because...none of us are very "good"!
How "good" can we be when we like to scare other people so much?
(Insert VERY evil laugh here~)
"Want to see my very scary collection of coal-lumps? They were once dinosaurs, goes the rumor anyway".....

Never Before Seen In This Country!
Jimmie's Dinosaur Parts Collection!
"Looks like coal to me, kid!"
"Step into this dark room and allow me to explain all of this to you before you make up your mind about these items."
A loud growling followed by a man's screams is heard, a man comes running out, face blackened!
"I told you they were dinosaurs!"

08-17-2006, 10:37 AM
Hey Larry,

Just wanted to say hey. I'm up in Edwardsville and when I saw your post - I figured I should pay some homage.

I'm doing a small yard thing for the neighborhood kids this year and popped in to ask some questions in the other forums.

BUT - I do have a question for you. Speaking as a relative outsider of the industry...

Is it just me or is St. Louis a hotbed of Halloween Haunts? Or is it pretty much the norm around the country? Every halloween a dozen haunts pop up that are relatively extensive. (Of course your being the best)

What do you guys do the rest of the year - AND - are these regional houses or is there an entity that stages these nationwide in multiple cities??

I just ask out of curiosity as I've always wondered about it. Of course - I should probably wonder about my honey-do list - but this is much more fun!


08-17-2006, 12:08 PM
There is an absolute ton around the metro detroit area in michigan as well, so it may be the norm for some areas.

08-17-2006, 02:02 PM
Denver & the surrounding cities generally have quite a few, as well.

08-17-2006, 02:27 PM
St. Louis is NOT a hotbed for haunting beacuse there are no locations left due to loft apartements or land being developed.

Very few haunts open each year, and few survive to the next year. There are many other cities with many more haunts than St. Louis.

As for being in our area...we hired a home haunter from the area to work on our haunts. Very talented guy!

Home haunters have a lot of experience of doing it themselves, they've been a big help to our operation. Usually those home haunter guys that work here usually don't know what to do with themselves, due to all the toys laying around. LOL.

If you want to help out let us know.


08-17-2006, 02:56 PM
I guess I should have clarified... I used to work in St. Louis and always noticed them.

Yeah - I guess the resurgence of downtown would put the screws on alot of operations.

Give me a year under my belt - and I may take you up on the offer.

There is a makeup artist that moved back here from LA. His name is Jeff Lewis - and if you google his name + makeup artist - you'll find his site. Very accomplished - he might want to play. You could contact him from his site.


09-06-2006, 10:07 AM
Sheesh great list.....

Off the top of my head

About 12 foggers mix of ground (big boys) and small effect ones - coming out mouths, boxes etc.

Strobe, laser lighting, colour flood light, out door solar,

Candleabras Skull
Flaming tall 12 ft pillars
Crank ghosts x3
Talking spitting pirate
talking heads
Bone curtain - animated
tombstone jumper -zombie
haunted pipe organ
8ft demon
demon pillars
tombstones (too numerous) and monoliths (Big over sized)
haunted crates - vibrate - creature eyes peeking out
haunted latex wall
ghost flier
severed head flyer
opening coffin with Mr Vickers
cellar dwellar
spider tunnel (fear)
wasp hive (fear)
'bottomless pit' effect and rickety bridge
medical lab
Evil Toad corpse
5 corpsed skeletons
pile of skulls
lots of severed limbs and gore
blood bath
blood fountain
pond (real pond) with bog creature
Grimrot and Closet creep
so many severed heads - some are hang from mirror ball motors
haunted potraits
horror art and UV reactive art
talking mirror
haunted wardrobe with gruesome
crystal ball - haunted with gypsy woman
medical lab stuff - kicker zombie
kicking legs
ground risers
rising coffin
shaking and knocking ghost
household stuff for realism and general sets
huanted dolls house
haunted dolls
possesed doll
haunted mobile
haunted lights - tudor style
vine leaf lights
pop up barrel with gruesome
blinking eyes in bushes
animated owl
zombie cat
crawling zombie
prisoner skeleton

I am sure there is tons more. I was setting up last year and a friend asked if I had any spiders she could use for detail and I replied - yes in the spider box and pointed to a massive crate. Just don't use any of the animated or really big ones - they go in the tunnel with all the vines and jungle horror stuff. She was shocked that anyone would have a box dedicated for spiders especially that huge.

Yeah all normal people do? Where do you keep yours?

X xxx