View Full Version : hellevator for sale

06-08-2010, 09:23 PM
i have a hellevator for sale the base is 4 x 8 and hase 4 -13 in airbags under it with a butt kicker unit mounted under it and i reserve airtank for for air storage along with a boo box controller the unit is built and is in a warehouse in storage i just tried it today and it works great i dont have the audio for it ..it was build for industrial theme but you could theme it how you like ..so here is what you will get...the base with the air bags and the buttkicker unit the reserve tank with controller 4 walls and the ceiling and a front entrance and a back entrance...i have pics of the unit and a video click link blow i am selling it for 6000.00 obo email me at brandonsemailserver@gmail.com for questions......or best offer