View Full Version : A Quizz for New Haunters

Jim Warfield
06-10-2010, 07:40 PM
Enter a family.
Grandma, Mother, 16 yr. old male (6ft.225#), a 14 yr.old boy, a 13 yr. old girl, a 10 yr. old girl.
This is a family so it's a lights-on family tour.
So guess which one is showing the most reactions to the things here in the house?
Guess whose reactions are louder, more extreme and fearfull than any of the rest of them?

Did you guess?

It was the big boy.....but everybody was then laughing about it and he didn't seem to become upset by all of it, his reactions, their laughing at him, so everything was just grand!
The smallest girl was just fine after she got to push some buttons that made scares for the rest of her family.
Happy customers are worth their weight in gold, our "gold", and yours.