View Full Version : "Mom" Returns.

Jim Warfield
06-16-2010, 01:06 PM
Better late than never. A Mother came back to see The Ravens Grin bringing her kids with her, mostly teenagers.
When was she here before?
When her boyfriend brought her here..before they got married. (The girl's Father)
They live maybe 5 hours away.
Time to subtract something from our website.
Another woman who had never been here sent us a check for a reservation about three months ago, then just before they showed up she called and expressed doubt about her entering my house because on our website she had read an article written by a goofy old columnist from the Quad-Cities in which he described his experience here in very far-fetched fantasy terms involving us pushing his head into an "Exploding Brick Wall" (reset that for every tour!?) And also said something that made it seem as if we were electrically shocking customers!?
Not many people who know this author believes much of what he ever writes but here was a woman who was caused to wonder ...so it's time to remove that article or label it "Pipe Dreams" ..and what was in his pipe?
Dried cat feces?

06-16-2010, 02:57 PM
I don't think theres another haunt out there that can say that. Someone who is now grown, married and is now taking her TEENAGE kids to the haunt that she went to as a kid. It just goes to show ya that what you do there Jim is time less, just how many years have you been open (all year I might add)? Have you ever trid to come up with a number of tours you have given? It must be well into the thousands.

Jim Warfield
06-20-2010, 08:38 PM
Been open doing some kind of a tour of it for 22 years. My first tours were "Someday" Tours.
"Someday I will have this thing over here..."
Of course the big wine cellar has always been spooky to almost everyone, forever.
Those "Someday" tours were $2.oo and I walked them through the property in maybe 45 minutes, totally lights "On", just some of my art hanging here and there on the walls.
Except in the fall rush season tours take usually 90 minutes, admission $12.00.
I am your tour guide, sometimes my Wife, Jessica sells the tickets and does some other work during the tours to make them run much more smoothly for everyone.
So if two weeks equals a "Season" for most haunts..@ 22 yrs=1,144 wks.=572 "seasons" now that I have been open!
You can't just "like" what you do to do this, you have to LOVE IT!
I have also done 98-99% of all the work done here over these last 23 years too.
(Makes me somewhat tired just thinking about it all!)
Thank You "Something" for the very kind words.