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06-23-2010, 08:35 PM
Hello Haunters:

This, yes in 2010, is only my 2nd month ever, posting on Haunt Forums (too busy working of video effects). Just so you know me [not bragging] many of you may have met me as Outrageous Media, I've spoken/given seminars at Transworld starting in 1999, and every few years here and there. I'm the guy who was first to bring Virtual Effects, as VHS tapes, in 1999. TV in a window, etc.

I just wanted to share with you my latest couple of youtubes about my Virtual 3D. The effects have grown a lot. I focus on larger scale Video Projection Effects. Thanks to a large consulting job [6 months] from a History Museum/Horror Attraction in Russia (nope, not the United States], I developed a 3D mimic-ing Video Animation Rendering Process which results in Any Video Projector, being used with a standard DVD, to create what appears to be 3D effects on the floor or ceiling, with NO 3D Glasses. As well as some flat-wall apparently 3D effects. So, check out these youtubes.


I also wanted to mention, I am about to test a 3D projection of a Ghost Descending a Staircase, AT the viewers, where the Ghost and the Stairs are projected onto Flat 4x8 Planks laid at an angle. [Gosh I hope it works]. I'll let you know.

If I am NEW to anyone. Since 1997, I produce visual effects for Projectors and TVs for haunts, plays, museums, theme parks, home haunters. I have many stock DVDs, and I custom make and design effects.

Jon Hyers jon.hyers@comcast.net

Raycliff Manor
06-26-2010, 01:32 AM
John, do you have a website? Thanks.


07-20-2010, 05:44 PM
Cool stuff.

You and others in the projections area are on the cutting edge to be sure. There is sooo much that can be done that hasn't even been touched on yet!

It certainly reminds me on the evolution in the film industry from props to CGI. My humble opinion is that props will remain king in the haunt industry for some time due to budgetary issues. So seeing some, apparently, cost effective 'digital' effects is interesting!

My full time income is in a, mostly, unrelated industry, but I have seem things on my side that are VERY related to this annnd I haaave annn ideeeea!

Good luck- I'll be watching!

07-20-2010, 07:00 PM
For those of yall wondering his website. (I know I was) it is www.outrageous-media(dot)com/main.html