View Full Version : "Grapes" Can Be "Sour"

Jim Warfield
06-26-2010, 10:48 AM
OK, big WGN TV was here 3 weeks ago.
They never put me on TV but did place the little production on their massive and popular web site, this is good.
They have two segments saying "Ravens Grin"..this should have been good.
...but there is nothing about my place mentioned or shown on that first listing.
They show alot of scenes here...this was good.
Their editing made it seem terribly screwed up, sort of as if you crawled down a sewer pipe and came out in my kitchen..???
The reporter:"This place will scare the pants off of you!"
He's selling something I am not promising here at all.
"Don't bring the kids here!" Yes he actually says this! Thanks Alot!
Jim says to the camera:"I would much rather hear people laugh than scream."
(So I guess everyone's impending lower-half nudity won't be happening?)
(Is it harder to scare the skirt off rather than scaring those pants off? Maybe a hernia truss would be the most difficult to scare off?)
"He will scare those phoney teeth your Dentist glued in... right out!"

Then a few minutes ago a woman in my parking lot was under the distinct impression that I was open for house tours at 11am, it was 11am, they were here! Facebook told her this. It probably did, but that Facebook account was a fan-owned, fan maintained entity.
I hope that woman wasn't too upset but I have to be closed sometime. I am open every Sat. & Sun, afternoon and EVERY NIGHT from 7 to midnight!
Maybe the full moon tonight has me edgy?
Time to shave again!?

damon carson
06-29-2010, 12:00 PM
Lol! Jim your having one of my kinda days it sounds like. Ha ha! Too bad you dont drink Charlies is so very close. And calling your name Jim. Jim old pal. Jim my friend. Come sit down and have a drink with us. Sounds like the vampire women from Dracula calling your name to your doom! Doesnt Jim! Scary Stuff!

06-29-2010, 07:04 PM
I haven't been to Raven's Grin, yet, or met you. However, from what I have read from your posts and website you have a great sense of humour not to mention an amazing imaginative brain! Some day we will get out to see your place! Thankfully you are open all year!

Jim Warfield
06-30-2010, 01:54 AM
I'm already 61 years old.
Not being ego-tis-tickle at all but many keep saying that I am the main thing to see here, which has always been rather unfortunate for the ones I have hired to replace me as I tried to make everyone happy and take a short vacation or something, years ago.
Tonight was another fun time here.
First Grandma & Grandpa brought the two Grandchildren here. Granny and "Pa" had been here 15 years ago, now returned that these kids were old enough.
Grandpa is a very polite, quiet sort, who might mildly "whistle" through his grey moustache a little as he quietly speaks (loose dentures?) A nice guy.
Out in the backyard infront of his whole family I did something to scare him, it did scare him! He turned toward the device that scared him and whistled through his polite moustache loud enough for everyone to enjoy:"Asshole!" I wasn't sure pieces of painted steel could actually have or be an "asshole"?
"Ugh! You didn't wipe cleanly enough!"
"Yes I did, that's just rust."
(I think he probably never had expressed himself in such coarse terms before, especially infront of those kids. I could not help but laugh out loud.)
Then at 12 midnight 4 people rang my doorbell for a house tour, 2 guys+ 2 girls.
The one stocky guy must have been bet by the rest that I couldn't ellict any fearfull reactions from him because everytime I got one from him, he would faux-fight with them as if he was mad or upset for about 10 seconds, as if They had scared him?!
I got him noticably real good about six times in just the first few rooms.
He was beside himself with frustration at his allowing the others to witness his fear. I should have told him (with the rest listening, of course:"I do this every night of the year, don't feel bad, I seem to usually know how to do this kind of thing."
He finally anticipated one of the last scares coming so he picked up his female cousin by her shoulders and used her as a shield between himself and the on-coming scare! (How could that have looked "Good"?)