View Full Version : July 11, 1940, an anniversery.

Jim Warfield
07-11-2010, 07:28 PM
A man 31 yrs. old loaded his son, 13("Jr.") named after his Dad, his daughter , age 12 and his Wife and their family dog, into the car in the garage, started up the motor but never left the garage.
When people opened the garage doors all of them had also been shot, the Father was going broke in his trucking business, another Daughter was at Grandma's house that day, safe.
My house has a connection to this sad story, my house was "Grandma's house, 4 blocks away right up Carroll St.
Over the last number of years many trying to find my house enter my address into their GPS only to be sent those 4 blocks south of here, to the multiple murder location. The garage is long gone, it was right on the outside of the 90 degree curve behind the Baptist Church.
I recently discovered some of this after a man tried to say my house was where the murders took place.
Maybe the "Red-Headed ghost girl" a pyschic talked about in this house might be the murdered mother and wife since her Parents lived in this house for 42 years?