View Full Version : What to use for tilting room?

07-12-2010, 09:37 AM
So we are designing a tilting room this year instead of using the vortex we built a few years ago. This will be the kind with the bridge through the middle, the whole room will tilt from side to side.

We are trying to decide which would be better to use - pneumatic cylinders? or a low rpm motor with a cam?

The room will be 12' wide, 16' long, and 8' high - we will be using foam panels for the walls to reduce the weight.

Any suggestions would help out alot, especially if anyone has built a room like this for their haunt.


Phil Miller
07-14-2010, 12:13 PM
I would think airbags would be better that way the wieght is distributed over 4 bags instead of one fulcrum in the middle.
I build a steel bridge for our hay wagon to drive on with patrons, I only have 4 airbags and they lift the weight of 40 people, wagon and steel bridge( about 7,500-9,500lbs). I haven't had to replace the airbags in 3 years so far. the bridge sits on a concrete slab, only 2" off the floor and the airbags are mounted on the sides of the 10" I- beams so I don't have to have the deck high off the floor incase it has a blow out. it only raises the deck from 2" down to 6-7" up.
with airbags you can make the room tilt and drop all 4 once too.
I also did the same thing to a school bus. I made it in to a prison simulated bus ride. 4 bags lift 40 people and the weight of the bus( minus the motor) from the frame, wheel and axels remain on the ground.

Good Luck, Phil

Dark Attraction
07-14-2010, 08:41 PM
If the entire room tilts as a cube, the bridge will have to be very high off the ground.

To fix this, we designed a custom tilt room which rocks on a cradle with a rounded bottom. We built a small proof-of-concept prototype for Ben at Netherworld in... 2007 I think. We built and delivered the full size version (structural and mechanical only, Ben and his crew added the decoration) and it worked out very well... eliminating the need for huge ramps to comply with ADA rules.

GEP now has a similar product that they show at Transworld which is essentially a room built inside a vortex tunnel.

Dark Attraction
07-14-2010, 08:42 PM
...and to answer your main question, we used a very large pneumatic cylinder (2 in fact) that was 2" bore and 36" stroke.