View Full Version : Extream Halloween Sale!

Digger Graves
07-15-2010, 02:25 AM
Hey guys Extream Halloween is having a HUGE offf season sale. Use these coupon code to save even more. This is a great site to find cheap costumes and other small items for your haunt or Halloween event. Check it out before the deals run out!

www.extreamhalloween.com (http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-3998997-10419532)

Coupon: EARLYBIRD - Free ground shipping on orders $50 or more
Coupon: EARLYBIRD15 - 15% off orders $80 or more
Note: Early Bird Coupons Expire August 31, 2010

Coupon: SCARY-SHIP - Free ground shipping on orders > $55
Coupon: SCARY10 - 10% off orders $85 or more.
Note: Scary Coupons Expire October 20, 2010

Also for Christmas in July:
Coupon: XJULY-SHIP - Free Ground Shipping on any Santa Suit $85 or more.
Coupon: XJULY10 - 10% off any order over $350