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07-29-2010, 10:23 PM
Hello, Anyone here use the Nethercraft buildings? Wondering how easy they are to construct and any problems with them.

Tomak Baksik
08-26-2010, 06:55 AM
We've had repeat orders from Larry Kirchner's Darkness, Netherworld, Tim Gavinsky of IAHA, Hundred Acres Manor, Six Flags, and many others. This demonstrates a high customer satisfaction rate for many years. Pictures of these are at http://www.nethercraft.com/gallery.html

08-26-2010, 06:59 PM
I use several wall sections and crenellations for my yard display. I made my own structure to fit over the porch I have so not one of their structures per se. Use a Roto Zip to cut the pieces, a heat gun to make bends (in a well ventillated area), and screw pieces together. I attached pieces over the porch with wire (Cuz if I screwed into the soffit my husband would kill me). What I like about Nethercraft panels is that you can make walls that go together without "seams" like some other vendors products.

Hundred Acres Manor
08-28-2010, 11:08 AM
Hi there,

Ethan from Hundred Acres Manor haunted house over in Pittsburgh PA here =) Over the past few seasons we have used hundreds and hundreds of Tomacs panels for our facade construction as well as a new cave addition to our haunt. The panels themselves do require a small bit of alterations to get proper install so they piece together properly however this is not by mistake or design flaw, Tomac sells the panels this way so they can be custom tailored to your haunt. Trust me it is well worth the small bit of time it takes to achieve the perfect result. Tomac also provides what he calls "Spoo" on large projects that adheres the plastic together so you don't have unsightly joints on your new facade piece. Tomacs panels also (as mentioned above) can be bent by simply using a heat gun (or a blow torch) to warm the plastic and bend to suit your needs (Heat the panels from the back/unpainted side as to not destroy the paint job). I would also like to add that Tomacs panels withstand the test of weather and time. They are much more durable than the standard vacuform panels you may have worked with in the past. I STRONGLY recommend Nethercrafts products for your haunt. They are easy to assemble and achieve stunning results with little effort at all. Another plus is that your panels will be there as soon as you need them, you will never have an order delay from Nethercraft and Tomacs customer service is phenomenal. Heck, he spent nearly the entire month of August at our haunt assuring that everything went together correctly on our new additions. Great company to work with! Great product! Great customer service!

Here is a list of the panels we have used at the manor:

- Cathedral Wall
- Fortress Wall
- Cathedral Wall With Wide Gothic Window
- Arcade Panel
- Small Crennelation Panel
- Large Crennelation Panel
- Crennelation Underledge
- Doorway Column
- Doorway Arch
- Flagstone Strip
- Rose Steeple (four quarters plus tracery)
- Flying Buttress
- Quatrefoil
- Wide Gothic Window Overlay
- Rose Steeple Window Overlay
- Outside Corner
- As well as a few custom panels developed for our cave.

Should you have any questions I am sure Tomac would be happy to give you a hand and fill you in on the details on any product install. Attached are a few pics of our facade as well as our new ticket booths (in progress). Hope this helps!

Best Wishes,

Ethan Turon