View Full Version : Gore/Zombie Meal Table Pictures

07-30-2010, 02:21 PM
Here are the 2 tables I built. One is going to be a butcher's hacking table, the other a zombie meal style table. They both need another coat or two of Polyurethane finish, but other than that, they are pretty much done. Let me know what you think!

One issue I am having is that some of the drywall mud/paint mixes don't seem to want to stick very well to the wooden table/plates. Has anybody else had this problem? Is there a solution?


07-30-2010, 02:23 PM
Zombie Meal....Delicious.... Unfortunately you can't get all the texture in the different mixes from these pics, but you get the idea.

Jim Warfield
07-30-2010, 03:16 PM
Used to feature real china plates and silverware, glasses with a little salad(dried dead grass) suspended over automatic transmission fluid gravy(dark red, rich color!) in the plates.
I got the idea for the tranny fluid gravy from a truck stop restaurant in either Tenn. or Ken,. where they tried to give me tranny fluid and call it "Red Gravy" and upcharge me 50 cents for it.
My tongue and nose immeadiately "said" "Non-Food! Non-Food!"
I had absolutely no trouble convincing the waitress this product was way wrong, because she bravely tasted it!

07-30-2010, 11:30 PM
LOL, Jim.

Guys I added a few more coats today of polyurethane which a gave them a much more "fresh" look. Does anybody have any ideas about the mixes not sticking very well though?