View Full Version : Jim's "Audition"

Jim Warfield
08-03-2010, 11:16 PM
Only one person in my audience. She is a writer for a very posh, high-class magazine.
I read her columns on -line. She's intellectually impressive, mostly reviewing plays, describing the finer concepts of acting and performances that most people wouldn't probably notice.
My first room is dark for most of the time I'm entertaining people there. By the random light coming from my flashlight I saw something she was doing that I have never seen before while I am performing...she was taking notes, in total darkness!?
(If you need to get something right, write it down as it occurs, I guess?)
She let out some quick screams as I did my craft...I wasn't very sure that she was "happy" with that though....
Well, she came to see what it is I do here, so I just kept up with the "doing" as /per/usual.
(Come what may? Maybe a scathing review?!)
I have never seen anyone so non-reacting before, very hard to get a "read" on her...was she having a good time? Or not? Was she working at disconnecting her distractfull emotional responses she may then be unable to rein in?. Maybe? "Whistling past the graveyard?"
If you lose it, and break into a run, you have 150 ghosts and zombies running tight on your heels!
Maybe for the sake of journalism she was maintaining an objective approach, all well and good, (Wouldn't want her to miss anything important here!) hahaha!
She called, my Wife talked to her, I was doing a house tour. The "Vote" seems to be in, she was impressed and had some follow up questions she needed answers to.. she said she couldn't actually read much of what she had been writing in the dark afterall!
It will be very interesting to read her article. I think it will be out in early October.
I am anxious to see what she thinks about this place and my efforts. I have learned many valuable terms and been exposed to new ideas as I read how I am described by others. I have never really stopped to define what it is I do, I just "Do".
Maybe I could define it? But then why turn off the engine, shift into neutral, stop having so much of this odd fun? Odd, mysterious, somewhat unpredictable ..which is just what flys the best when it gets cranked up and rolling and the whole crowded room is loving it!

Kelly Anderson
08-05-2010, 09:35 AM
Im sure your audition went well Jim.....HA!

But please dont tell me you made her stick her finger in the hole of the saucer.......1,2 or 3????..............ouch!