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Haunted Illinois
08-13-2010, 09:59 AM

In order to provide visitors with only the most current and up-to-date event information, HauntedIllinois.comís Halloween Event Directory was recently reset to zero listings.

This means if you have listed with us in the past, you will need to resubmit your event information for 2010, if you want to be included in the directory this season. To view more information about the events already in our directory, visit the following link:


The purpose of this message is to invite you to list your Halloween-related event with us. Keep in mind that Haunted Illinois lists more than just Haunted Houses. If you run a Haunted House, Hayride, Haunted Trail, Home Haunt, Yard Display, Halloween Festival, Pumpkin Farm, Apple Orchard or other Halloween-related event, it is welcome our directory!
The best part is that listing on HauntedIllinois.com is FREE!!! If you havenít already done so this season, please submit your 2010 Halloween event information here:

(Illinois events only, please.)