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08-13-2010, 01:45 PM
Not utilizing all of our 2009 inventory at the Stadium of Screams this year as we overpurchased for 2010. Many of the below itmes are available for immediate shipping to you to recive by the end of the month. Email me with an offer at alex.shead@sprint.blackberry.net if interested.

Not all are for sale, and I apologize, but I didn't feel like going through the entire list, however, if something jumps out at you!!.........that you just can't do without or would make your haunt just that MUCH better..........email me.

2010 SOS Inventory:

Scarefactory Castle Big Skull
Scarefactory Corridor of Corpses wall panels and pallet of Corpses
Scarefactory Giant Demon
Scarefactory Death Statue
Scarefactory Statue Ruin - Static
Scarefactory Statue Ruin w/ Skeleton w/ Air Cannon
Scarefactory 18' Arched Ruin Column
Scarefactory Lunging Mongo w/ Drop Wall
Scarefactory Econocoffin
Scarefactory Organ
Scarefactory Organ Meister
Scarefactory Organ Meister Table
Scarefactory Skull Fireplace
Scarefactory Skelebera
Scarefactory Candlebera
Bins of controllers and lights

New for 2010 from Scarefactory:

Winged Cemetery Entrance*
Comfy Chair*
Granpa Earnst* - New for 2010
Skellie with Hanging Body*
Grocery Basket*

Nightscreams Studios:
Christine Car
Vacuform Walls - Victorian (7)
Vacuform Walls - Asylum Doors (7)

Craxy Carrie*
Hanging Hooded Sleleton*
Krazy Kristen
Spitting Debbie
Skin & Bones w/ Vacuform Wall
Scary Carrie

Gore Galore:
Deathanie Bunkaroo w/ Sound Box

100 4x8 Fire Treated OSB Wall Panels
Tree Branches
Rustic Wood Barrels (4)
Metal Drums (3)

Pale Night Studios:
CGI Asylum Door

Unit 70 Bodies
- Wicked Witch, Automated
- G Dawg
- Harry
- Bum
- Drawf
- Vampires x 3
- Burlap
- Bessy Sue
- Dr. Fred
- Skeleton Ghosts x 3

Scare Products:
Claustrophobia II } on pallets
Curtain Chaos
Sony Boom Boxes (8)

CFX Orlock Mask and Hands

Skeleton Chandeliers x 2
Skeleton Wall Sconce

Ghoulish Gallery Portraits
Ghoulish Gallery Portrait w/ Wall Panel and Vacuform

25 Decorated Wall Panels

Hospital Gurney

Drop Panel Box


Mannequin Bride

Parlor Sofa and Furniture
Table and Chairs
Antique Furniture

Chevrolet Step Van (Ideal for billboard advertising)

1973 Cadillac Victoria Hearse