View Full Version : Michigan Woodward Dream Cruise/ Zombie Energy???

08-18-2010, 07:22 PM
Well the cruise is coming up here in Michigan. If your not aware, the Woodward dream cruise is a weekend car show, that draws lots of attention around here.

I was just curious if any Michigan Haunters might have cars in the cruise, or if there are any hearse clubs planning on going there.

I've seen a couple hearse clubs, but can't quite remember, besides that, the only things with a Halloween feel to them was Freek Energy, which is nolonger in business, and silly me. Full horror dress, promoting a Year Round haunt I ran about 3 years back.

Just curious if anyone might be out there.

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I was also curious about Zombie Energy Drinks, this company (I believe its the right name) will take your artwork and put it on Energy drink cans.

I was just curious if anyone has used them, and how they used them.
Did you pass them out with tickets?
or did you sell them at your event for a profit?
maybe you gave them away outside your attraction as a promotion

I love the idea, because like most people I know, I'm a caffeine addict and then some.

Thanks alot