View Full Version : My Car+ Labor Day Parade= WOW!!!

Jim Warfield
09-06-2010, 04:30 PM
It's a large parade only 18 miles from my house, I have had a car or my car in the parade many times over the years, but not every year.
I debated whether or not to put out the effort this year, some toady portion of my brain was thinking:(Lots of people will be there watching the parade, probably The Same People who have been looking at my car for the last 10 years...so what?)
Just before the parade was to begin it began raining, so the rain made for a rain delay of maybe 25 minutes. (Maybe this sent the crabby people away to not return?)
Anyway, the parade had old cars, farm equiptment,Fire Trucks, club floats, business floats, and my Spookmobile. I was entry number 118 and I was not the last car.
I saw So Many fans of my house being very vocal about their appreciation, I saw wonderment in many faces, that then turned to big smiles and comments from their friends explaining where my house was and that they should "Go"! (Experience it)
Numerous small children awe struck by my car, then Grandparents or parents pointing and explaining it to them , the carnies standing beside their rides were very appreciative and boisterous in their appreciation.
My car is an Olds station wagon with a shark fin on the roof as robotic steel arms wrestle with a steel net around the shark fin, the center of the arms I have a portable TV set with a skull inside, the back of the TV says:"Good TV, No Sound, No Picture."
The hood had long reaching mechainical arms that go up and down as per my instructions, the grill is a huge welded steel shark mouth full of teeth and a small doll being chewed upon, the creature's eyes are frog-like and just above the grill just ahead of the hood.
I have a speak and sound defects system I can make various sounds and noises for the creature as I drive passed everyone.
It was incredible, the non-stop positive comments and verbal ads people were giving for my house, clapping, cheering....maybe the rest of the parade was just that boring? hahahaha!??
What a day! (There could have been 5,000 people watching that parade)