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09-10-2010, 02:46 AM
Hey guys,

I was wondering... what's the best way to thin DayGlo Blacklight paints for airbrushing?

Would normal, everyday paint thinner work good?

Thanks. -Tyler

09-10-2010, 05:05 AM
If it's DayGlo brand, they are water based, so water should work just fine to thin it down. That is what I have used in the past. I would not suggest airbrushing with any kind of solvents....especially if you dont use a respirator...remember whatever you put through it is being aspirated into the air around you. Im sure fluorescent pigments alone probably arent the best for you.

Mike "Pogo" Hach

09-10-2010, 05:35 AM
Water is all you need!

09-10-2010, 08:56 AM
Use water to thin, and use more water than paint (not 50/50) otherwise the paint will clog the airbrush.

08-12-2011, 08:20 AM
I'm using Dayglo paint and using water to thin, but am having trouble with the mixture. I make it too think and it clogs like everyone says here, but I am having trouble with the paint running when I make it thin enough to get through the gun. I am being careful to use lots of super thin coats and let dry between, but it still runs quite a bit. Any suggestions? I am very much the beginner when it comes to airbushing. Any suggestions?

Allen H
08-12-2011, 10:39 AM
try adding in a bit of a flow controller they sell for spray rigs at Home depot, it hs worked well for me in the past. Aslo are you using a double or single action airbrush, and what sized tip?