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09-13-2010, 04:38 PM

1) Buy from vendors who attend tradeshows yearly, you can meet them, talk to them, build a relationship.

2) Don't pay a deposit before the vendor says point blank... we are ready to build your order and it will be done within say 30 days. That is fair to both you and the vendor.

3) Only pay with credit cards, and never allow a charge to stand for more than 45 days without getting your order or having an email traced conversation with the vendor. In other words if the guy keeps telling we are going to get this out to you, and never does and its 50 days later, then when you dispute the charges you have PROOF they said it would be shipped and it wasn't.

4) Prior to pulling a post on Hauntworld try this... contact someone you know that is good friends with the vendor, or try Hauntworld owners (ummm myself) call Morris Costumes ( i did once adn it worked), try HHA if you are member and see if they want to contact the vendor heck even try to call Transworld. If all of that fails post here and put the vendor on notice... think of how strong your post is about a vendor when you tried calling TW, HHA, HW, or even that guys good customers or friends and still the guy doesn't respond. Then he looks like a complete deadbeat.

5) Put everything in writing and make the vendor email you a statement. On the statements make sure to depend a ship date on the receipt statement or do NOT hand over a deposit. Make all communications through email and save in folders all of the responses until your products are received.

6) Ask for a penalty for an order that is delayed more than 14 days, 5% of the order credit, additional discounts, free shipping something. Create an incentive for the vendor to complete your order on time.

Take this tips and try it ... it might solve a lot of problems.


09-13-2010, 06:02 PM
Some very good points and suggestions.

09-13-2010, 06:26 PM
Just an idea and I don't know if this is legal or if it would work. Say you order something and pay with a credit card. It's coming close to the time when you won't be able to file a dispute/chargeback but you think the vendor will still make good on the deal not long after. Can you or the vendor cancel the credit card transaction and then put it right back on so that the time frame starts all over again with the card company?

I know some orders take longer than the card companies will allow you to file a chargeback and if both the buyer and seller are agreeable this might be an option.