View Full Version : Mr. Haunt and Dead Oaks going Pro??? WANTED STAFF!!!

Mr. Haunt
09-16-2010, 12:20 PM
I have landed a non-porfit partner to team up with to haunt this October. I know there is only 6 weeks to Halloween, but we would only be haunting 2 nights. We hope to be haunting with someone else one night and then alone at the same location on Halloween.

I am calling on anyone in the Twin Cities area of MN with haunting backround who would like to DONATE their time to staff our event? Let me know by posting a reply or by message. We are going to be a haunted trail, so we will not need to furnish a haunted house. If we get enough staff we could consider haunting more days. NO one younger then the age of 15!!!

Fright Farm is not going to open this year so if there is anyone from them willing to help let me know ASAP!!!


Brian aka Mr. Haunt