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Bradenton Haunted Trail
09-16-2010, 09:30 PM
What do you use to attache a 1"x 4" to a styrofoam sheet I have tried Power Grab and Polyseamseal both came of fairly easy. I am building a 12' tall 24' wide castle facade for my entrance this year. So it will be outside. Thanks for your input.

Allen H
09-16-2010, 10:55 PM
I recommend a two pronged attack. I use great stuff as well as screws. You can buy plastic things that go on screws from www.demandproducts.com that really hold the foam on. Or you can pull the orange plastic washers off of roofing nails and put them on 4" Screws.
The great stuff works for about two years. There are solvents in it that breakdown the foam and it seperates eventually. Doing both of them has really helped my 30' x 40' castle/keep stay together. Most adhesives have solvents in them, the solvents help them dry but they also eat the fom that touches the adhesive and the bond is lost, so a physical holder (screws) works really well. I also dont find it difficult to hide 7 or 8 screws in the stone pattern, and they are thin enough to be hidden by any textured coating.
thats my castle, all 3" thick foam.
I hope this helps,
Allen H

09-17-2010, 01:14 AM
Have you tried the PL Adhesive specifically formulated for poly styrene and foamular insulation. I believe its in a Blue colored tube and I know it glues foam to OSB pretty decent. I will say though I agree with Allen I would definately use two methods the plastic caps he is talking about sounds like a great method to hold up the foam until the adhesive really sets up.

09-17-2010, 10:05 PM
You might also consider Gorilla Glue. I used this to build our cave this year with great success.

Once you apply the glue, put a little pressure on the 2 pieces so they can bond. Give it about 30 minutes, depending on temp and airflow around the peices. If you're working on a vertical surface, then use a 2x4 or whatever else on the foam, just so that it doesn't slide down while the glue is curing. And it only needs a little pressure to work.

You can buy the glue in 16 or 18 oz bottles for about $17.00 at Lowes.