View Full Version : N Indiana seminary for sale ASAP before demolition begins

09-17-2010, 11:08 AM
I talked to the owner of the Haunted Seminary near Plymouth IN today. He wants to retire and wasn't even open last year.

The property was an old seminary and has 44 acres with seven buildings. Most of them connected with tunnels.

The property is 60 miles from the ILL/IN state line near Chicago. Google "9th rd & union rd, plymouth, in" this is the SW corner of the property.

He used it for paintball and a haunt. Many more possibilities for other halloween events.

His crew is interested in leasing in 2011 but TJ said he wants to sell as he will be moving to a southern state.

He said he wants to make a deal.

Here is the rush. He has four of the seven buildings slated for demolition starting in five weeks. Call him ASAP at 574-339-7660.