View Full Version : Ominous Sanctum, Shawano Manor, Splatter Haus....

09-29-2010, 03:56 AM
So I am actually staying in WI for this weekend of haunt tours. Finally no driving like nuts.

Slated for this weekend is :

Terror on the Fox and their new event, Ominous Sanctum. Beaker has told me the new facade is awesome and for those who don't know the old Fox facade you all know is completely gone. Yup gone. I will get some pix going.

(FYI he is also going to be on RFR on Friday's show and the kick off of RFR's 5 Year Anniversary.)

I will also be hitting up, Shawano Manor, Splatter Haus....

Anyone else along that driving path want RFR to swing on by call me: 262.323.1424