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10-17-2010, 08:28 PM
So I went to a pretty popular Haunt Located about an hour away from my area and waited in line for most of the haunt. I understand that line management is not an easy task if your putting through 1000+ customers a night however if you have customers that truly do wait in line for hours just to get into your haunt and then hours afterwards while in your haunt to get through the different events I think something might be wrong. I can honestly say I stood in line for an event inside of this attraction for an hour and then the event was 4 minutes and the actors inside were standing there out of character....... disappointing. Not only were the lines laid out poorly but then the VIP lines that you paid extra to get through faster actually merged in with regular ticket prices so you paid extra for almost nothing. I literally saw a fist fight break out not even ten feet from me because of a VIP customer being cut off by non VIP customers in lines. Listen it is not my intention to bash this haunt but it is my intention to say I sometimes feel that haunt owners spend so much time on their haunt and actors and all the other aspects of the business this one single item can get overlooked. I would venture to say this is probably the easiest way to anger your customers and ruin their overall experience. Just a statement from a haunt enthuasist as well as a hopeful future haunt owner. I would enjoy any responses or comments other members have. Thanks

10-17-2010, 10:44 PM
I'd send the attraction owner an e-mail. They may not know what is going on in their line, and think it is under control. During the season an owner usually has about 20 different balls in the air at once, and somethings can get overlooked unless someone brings it to their attention.
Come down VA and visit DarkWood on a Sunday. Small line and a great show.

The Nightmare Factory
10-18-2010, 12:39 AM
Lines, line, lines, lines...

Hate them, but, you are going to have them if you are going to make money. That being said a good haunt will entertain their line, have things going on to keep your mind off the long wiat time. We use to and certainly do have now! Our guests can wait up to two hours on super busy nights. We have queue line actors, and video feeds from inside.

The issue with actors dropping character and not being in place, if they are then you need to tell the owner, and impress upon them that it ruined your experiance.

Sorry this happened.