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Arx Mortis
10-20-2010, 07:11 AM
So how many of you are using Facebook as a free advertising tool? Arx Mortis has had HUGE success with this social networking site, and I've currently got over 3,100 fans who can see my posts & status updates.

I just started this page in April or so of this year, and have used advertising gimmicks such as giving away free tickets, t-shirts, etc - basically, the same stuff the radio stations do for us - to ramp up my fan base.

It IS time consuming, and a plan has to be made to get the free stuff to the fans....So, you might ask why I'd do this, rather than just let the radio stations handle all of that? Well, the answer is this - they are now MY fans...not radio station fans. So every time I put up a post or update, it shows up in their feed.

Feel free to check out my FB page. We have a VERY active page with lots of fan comments, photos, and even my actors get involved (although I do have to monitor their comments and make sure no one gets too over the top!!).

www.facebook.com/ArxMortis (http://www.facebook.com/ArxMortis)

Twin Locusts
10-21-2010, 02:04 PM
One aspect of FB that has no rival in other media is the interaction of patron and haunt and between fans. It seems most obvious that you'd get posts on FB after someone visits the haunt - I noticed you had quite a few people talking excitedly about an upcoming visit. This aspect of building excitement is infectious and invaluable. Noticed the numbers have grown a lot since this post, here's to a continued safe and prosperous season.!

Arx Mortis
10-26-2010, 12:40 PM
TL - You're dead on with the relationship aspect. I have a great time responding to questions and fan comments...and sometimes use it as an opportunity to increase the anticipation & fear in our fans. AND our numbers are still going crazy, even though I've held my last "free give away" drawing. Up over 3,400 fans now!

I'm also using this as a place to post any articles & awards we receive, and these links are saved in a box on the lower left for viewers to see at any time.

I wish more haunts would do this kind of thing, because I know for us, advertising is a huge part of our budget....so you just can't beat FREE!!!

One warning I meant to add before - you DO have to be careful not to OVER-post and be annoying, or to be negative towards others. I always try to stay very up beat, informational, and throw in some creepy here & there...

Hope this helps some of you increase the number of visitors to your attraction!! ...Sheri, the Lady of Arx Mortis

10-26-2010, 02:13 PM
I have had good success on FB just to make initial contacts with potential clients. I've barely begun to scratch the surface of what I hope to do with it next season...


For anyone interested...