View Full Version : It's almost Halloween

Rich Hanf
10-21-2010, 03:39 AM
Dateline New Jersey...5am...woke up out of a sound sleep, sat straight up like a corpse under a sheet in a living dead movie, and thought IT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN. I began thinking how at least for me anyway, this whole Haunted Attraction Biz has eclipsed Halloween itself. I get so caught up in the show end of things that celebrating Halloween is pretty much fallen by the wayside.
There was a time that I reveled in the changing colors of the landscape, the cool "snap" in the air, the feeling that the veil between this world and the next one really does get a little thin right about now. In truth, I miss celebrating Halloween...for the sake of Halloween. The closest thing for me is Transworld. I will be at Transworld no matter where in the world they have it...but the down side is that it's in March, hardly reminescent of Halloween. For years now I have thought...If only there was a way to celebrate Hallowen.
Enter Jen, Transworld, and the Legendary Haunt Tour. I first heard about it way back in April and I couldn't believe that this could really happen. I mean, this is going to enable me...you...ALL OF US...to have the best of both worlds. We can do our shows, concentrate on what we need to focus on, and celebrate Halloween in a special way during a time that is still "season appropriate".
HOW GREAT IS THIS GONNA BE? We can really party together as friends (as we always do at Transworld) but without the thing in the back of our heads that we have business to take care of, people to see, and deals to make. This is a party for party sake. For me, this is old school. I'm finally get to do what I love best. I am going to celebrate Halloween AND I'm going to do it with the people I care most about in this world...my brtothers (and sisters) in Haunting.
I am counting on all of you to be in Kansas City next month on the 12th & 13th. I want to share a laugh with you, a new haunting story with you, and experience the true essence of the reason we all got into this thing in the first place. As the Witches say "Blessed Be" Rich Hanf