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10-26-2010, 12:52 AM
Our season is quickly wrapping up and I wanted to get some exit polls in before it's all said and done. I know what I personally like in a haunt. But that doesn't mean jack since we're here to put on a show for our customers.

I'm thinking about doing something along the lines of a $x dollar off coupon valid on the 31st (historically our slowest night) if they bring it back completed or some other way of getting them back. We already have a group that hands out flyers to just about every patron that walks out of the haunt so I'm planning on simply having them hand the survey out to the exiting customers.

As we have never done a mass patron survey before, I figured I would ask everyone else what they might be doing, it's easier to bypass eveyone else's past mistakes! I'm looking for pointers on how many questions to keep it to and what type of questions. Did you do a multiple choice or a 1-10 scale?

My thoughts were to keep it to under 10 questions as well as a section for additional comments.


10-26-2010, 08:34 AM

I had a girl that couldn't act with us this year sit at our exit the last two weekends getting responses. She also kept a tally for me on the actors breaks since there had been some reports of excessiveness.

She asked simply:

If they like the haunt?

What they would suggest to improve or change?

What was their favorite part or character?

How many times they had been at our event?

If they wanted to give an email to get on our Haunt Club email list?

She also kept her ears up for any comments that were made by exiting customers that didn't get volunteered to her. There are many pages of notes to go through, but I think we may make a survey available and have a drawings and the end of season for those that complete it. WE will either hand out cards to a website survey or set up a couple of kiosks at the exit.

10-26-2010, 01:41 PM

Usually myself or one of the other managers walks around the exit with a clipboard and asks a few simple questions:

How did you enjoy the attraction?

What would you improve/change?

Favorite scene?

Where did you hear about us?

I wouldn't put too much stake in a paper survey since a vast majority of people will not make the second trip out

Good luck!

10-26-2010, 05:50 PM
Be sure to listen to the next RFR Brandon as like last year, I interviewed a LOT of people as they were exiting the haunt. I basically asked them their favorite parts, how long were they in the maze, and how far did they drive,

Simple yet effective...

10-27-2010, 04:37 AM
We had a really simple one last year that we sent as an email to anyone who had bought tickets online. A few pointers on that,

1) If you have an email list either as a sign up mailing list, a fan club on facebook (also super good easy way to get a poll out) or from online sales its super easy.

2) the survey needs to go out within about 3 days of the event - we sent ours out on Monday.

3) The response rate was astounding - we have done this for our daytime fall festival and the response rate is around 10%, for Fields of Fear it was like 60%.

Our poll was 5 multiple choice questions 1-5 and then 2 or 3 write in. Last year was our first year so we were really curious about basic stuff. And keeping it pretty short is a good thing. in ours you could skip the last 3 questions and have the whole thing done in about 30 seconds. i think that is why we had so much feedback. our questions were something like

1- It was fun for me and my group (1-5)
2- was the walk scary (1-5)
3 - Did you get your moneys worth (1-5)
4 - Fields of fear met my expectations for a haunt (1-5)
5 -The process for getting information, buying tickets and entering Fields of Fear was simple and easy

Fields of fear needs to improve
Fields of fear should change _____________
My favorite part of fields of fear was ____________

We found out some good stuff. a lot of the information we expected but there were quite a few surprises. We sent another out this year but i haven't seen it yet. Good Luck!

11-01-2010, 01:01 PM
Seems to me the first question should be the most important: Where did you hear about us?

We also ask their age. (Our survey is online and we get tons of responses. The answers tend to be more honest because they don't have to face someone who they know works there and tell them something they didn't like.)

We ask their favorite part.

We don't ask what they didn't like, because that suggests there was stuff that wasn't any good. But we do have a place for "other comments". If they have a gripe, they will share it with you there without prompting. I'm happy to say out of around 1,000 surveys, we've only gotten three gripes (1 for actors screaming too loud, 1 for too many actors on break, and one for the ticket price increase (even though we only charge $13 for a 40 minute haunt)). The unprompted compliments in "other comments" outnumber the gripes about 60 to 1.