View Full Version : Check out Christmas stuff

RJ Productions
10-27-2010, 03:19 AM
Yes this is the last week to make money... but here's a quick tip.

Retailers have Christmas stuff out. Check it out for Haunt uses.

I picked up a 6 pak of the small tea light battery operated candles.
Yes I know, they have had them before, but the new ones have a built
in TIMER for about a buck a piece!!!!

Turn it on and it stays on 5 hours, then shuts off for 19 hours!!

If you have room with a bunch a candles this can be a savior.
Turn them on once and they will turn on the same time every day.

There are tons of new LED stuff out there with Haunt applications.

Also it's close out on summer stuff so you can pick up things like
fun noodles CHEAP. Hang them in dark hallways, cut them in half
lenghtwise and glue to corners or edges for protection.

You ALWAYS have to be on the look out for Haunt usable items in the off season,
but don't forget to look DURING the season.

Good luck on the last week...MAKE SOME MONEY!!!!