View Full Version : 80s/90s Nostalgia Haunted Houses

10-28-2010, 04:08 AM
I'm always fascinated about the history of haunted houses and especially during the 80s/90s which was apparently their heyday at time (well I heard that alot of them were in Amusement Parks at the time).

Also can anyone remember what haunted houses are used to be during the 80s/90s?

Well as for myself, I remember specifically as a kid where there was this home haunt in the floursant St. Louis area (that it was free to get in) where this guy used to set up his Red Barn (or was it a garage?) as a haunted house next to house and of course the guy also digged actual graves and and had actors scaring people by scrapping the roads with sharp blades (I also remember seeing sparks coming from them) who are outside waiting in line. I also heard that this same man also had a heyride attraction at Tillis Park (if I can spell the name right) which he was kicked out because his attraction was to "gory" "horrifying" or something. Unfortunately though, the guy doesn't have these attractions anymore due to the city stepping in based on complaints of the neighbors and I doubt the whole floursant neighborhood area even has haunted houses anymore which the only ones in existence now that I'm aware of are such ones like the "Darkness", "Limp Mansion", and such that you have to pay to get in.

For those who lived in the St. Louis area during the 90s (and probably the 80s as well) can recall what haunted house what I'm talking about? Also is there still home based haunted houses? Since I'm still kinda yearning for my childhood days during the 90s.