View Full Version : Thank you ben at netherworld!!!!

11-01-2010, 10:13 AM
We flew out to NETHERWORLD this weekend to and was lucky enough to visit with Ben before they opened Saturday.

Ben just wanted to really thank you again for talking the time to show us your AMAZING HAUNT.
It was a tour unlike any i have ever seen.
Great inline entertainment.
Sets that look like high movie scenes.
Spectacular Animations.
Scary actor animation combos.
I could go through it 50 times and still see something new each time.
At a certain point one of the actors in DEAD SAVAGE started yelling at me to go.
Apparently we were moving too slow! LOL!
I just had to see as much as i could : )
All the detail, creative energy and hard work that everyone puts in really pays off 10 fold.
Great job!
So glad we were finally able to see NETHERWORLD!
Thanks again for your hospitality!