View Full Version : THANK YOU Dewayne AT FOLKLORE!

11-01-2010, 10:38 AM
We were lucky enough to make it up to FOLKLORE after NETHERWORLD and let me say
Dewayne and everyone was so nice we didn't want to leave.
I still can not believe how good it was for their first year.
Great inline Entertainment! They had a guy that was best described as rubberman.
He was flipping and flying everywhere in the parking lot. Just unreal.

Once inside you can feel the suspense and tension start right away.
The intimacy with the actors was down right creepy. They never once broke character and did things i have never seen before.
The animation integration with the actors worked really well.
The details in the sets were so good i actually got nauseous in the butcher room.
If this Haunt is this good already i really look forward to seeing it grow.
Congratulations guys all your hard work REALLY paid off!

Thanks Again!

11-06-2010, 06:35 AM
I just wanted to bump this thread up.... We (Shane, Sue, Brad, Myself as well as some of others that I don't know their usernames yet on here) went to Folklore last night. Dewayne and everyone over there have an amazing setup. I personally enjoyed it very much. It was great to see that other haunters take pride in detail, as well as scares, and entertainment. I, starting a haunt in the next few years, was BEYOND grateful to have them turn on the work lights, and allow us to see everything, how items were setup, and as well as talk with the workers to hear their tips, etc.

Thanks again! I look forward to seeing you get even bigger and better next year and the years to follow!


freak 'n' stein
11-06-2010, 07:50 AM
I second this thread!

Thank you SO much for the awesome tour last night! The lighting and detail of the "new" portion of the haunt was UNREAL for a first year show. Tracking your progress on the forum to finally seeing the haunt in real life was amazing to say the least. It was great meeting Dewayne, his wife, dad, Kevin and others. I'm more than grateful!


11-06-2010, 01:09 PM
Adam, Keegan, O'Shaun,

It was great meeting all of you.

Adam, I enjoyed getting to talk to you and your wife last weekend. Thanks for the compliments, and we have greatly enjoyed the props we got from you. You will definitely be getting business from us again, because we loved the way your items were packaged, set up, and how they looked and worked. As a matter of fact, your breathing ground was one of the more talked about props last night with Keegan and O'Shaun's bunch when they came through.

Keegan and O'Shawn,

It was great meeting you last night (as well as Brad, Sue and others from the forum). Some of you I met at Shane's party at Transworld, but it was good to see and meet the rest of you. I really enjoyed talking to all of you, and we appreciate you taking the time to visit with us! I hate that all of you came at a time when I wasn't feeling well, and I hope none of you catch my cold! I really wanted to come eat with all of you today, but I am afraid that I really would get everyone sick if I did that.

We really appreciated all of the kind words from all of you. It means so much more when it comes from our peers, because all of you understand the work and sacrifice that building any haunt takes.

Shane, as always, it was great to see you and your mom again, and I appreciate you bringing some of your crew and the rest of the gang out to see us.

Take care, have fun at Netherworld tonight, and have a safe trip back home!

chuck weber
11-06-2010, 01:30 PM
I heard your place kicks ass ! Too bad i'm stuck up here in pennsylvania and can't get free right now. (family obligations). Hope you guys had a great year and by the looks of these posts here, you have a great place. Take care. Hope to get down there someday!

11-10-2010, 03:49 PM

Thanks! It really humbles us to hear all of the great comments about Folklore, considering that it was our first year. We have a long way to go, and a lot of improvments to make for next year. We have definiately learned a lot of lessons this year.

It has been wonderful to get feedback and praise from some of the haunt owners that we have looked up to and learned from over the years, such as Shane and Ben. We had the pleasure of meeting a lot of new friends who stopped by to see us this year, and we also got feedback from a lot of other local haunts, which we very much appreciated.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to visit any other haunts this year. I would love to have seen Netherworld, Disturbia, and all of the other local haunts here in Atlanta. Atlanta really has a lot to offer to haunters, and I would highly reccomend that you try to make it down here next year, if your schedule allows.

Thanks for the kind words, and I hope to see you here next year.